Budweiser Releases ‘7-Pack’ That Features Beer and a ‘Brew’ for Man’s Best Friend

by Jon D. B.

Love your dog and Budweiser? A new 7-pack will let you bring home your favorite brew not just for yourself, but for your best friend, as well. And no, this isn’t another one of those “pet-friendly” beers, either.

So what could possibly be better for beer-loving dog owners? A bottle your best friend will love to tear into. Anheuser-Busch is teaming up with the dog experts of BARK to bring fans of their products the ultimate collaboration.

The result is ShopBeerGear‘s 7-Pack. On their website, dog-owning Bud lovers can choose from either a Bud Light or Budweiser-themed pack. Each looks just like a normal 6-pack you’d pick up at the store. The 7-pack, however, has a 7th placer for man’s best friend. Within sits a specially designed crinkly plush “Barkweiser” or “Bark Light”.

These ingeniously crafted dog toys will surely be a hit with any pup. The entire 7-pack is sure to please beer-lovers this holiday season, as well. Be sure to pick up an actual 6 pack of Bud to accompany each of these, though, because the $20 purchase of these 7-packs does not include the 6 beers. Odd, but it is what it is.

BARK & Budweiser Unveil the 7-Pack

Each 7-pack comes with a bottle-sized plush dog toy from the folks at BARKBOX. Filling the empty beer slots makes for the perfect present for your favorite beer lover & dog combo this holiday season.

If it’s your pup you aim to please, however, ShopBeerGear has you covered there, as well. These licensed dog brews are available by themselves, as well. The regular-size bottle runs $15. The big ol’ XL version, though, sits at $20. Each comes with a squeaker and “filled to the brim with fluff.”

In addition, each of these collaborations is only available for a limited time. So if you’re a Bud fan – the time to make your dog into one, too, is now! You can browse this exclusive selection on Anheuser-Busch’s official ShopBeerGear website now.

Budweiser: For the Love of Dogs

While this collaboration may come as a surprise to some, Budweiser actually has a long, loving relationship with dogs & their owners. For those old enough to remember, Budweiser famously used a dog as their mascot for a highly-controversial string of television commercials in the late 1980s.

Remember Spuds MacKenzie? If you don’t, chances are you’ve heard someone in pop culture utter that name. Spuds was the official mascot for Bud Light & fellow beers starting in 1987. His first appearance? A high-profile Super Bowl ad for Super Bowl XXI.

As adorable and hilarious as Spuds was, he was met with almost immediate controversy. For one, Spuds was portrayed by a female dog. Harmless enough, right? It would’ve been, if the ads hadn’t become so remarkably successful for the brand. Spuds MacKenzie showed up in every major TV event of that decade. From the Super Bowl to the Olympics – you name it – Spuds had an ad for it. And they were all equally ridiculous and playful, such as his Olympics spot below:

This immense popularity, however, earned Spuds some equally powerful enemies. The playful nature of the ads, combined with the use of a dog to sell alcohol, had politicians and lobbyists alike cracking down on Budweiser to remove Spuds from their ad campaigns over concerns they were targeting and appealing directly to children.

While the case ultimately couldn’t be proven in court, Budweiser pulled Spuds from their marketing in 1989. In their eyes, the controversy was outweighing any benefits.

Bud Creates the Best Super Bowl Commercial of All Time… With Puppies

Chances are, though, if you’re too young to remember Spuds MacKenzie, then you absolutely remember this gem. Budweiser has long been known for absolutely genius, iconic commercials. In 2014, however, they broke even their own standard of excellence.

For that year’s Super Bowl, their Clydesdale & golden retriever puppy centered ad, “Puppy Love”, broke all previous commercial records. It soon became the top branded content video, and entered the Top 10 videos of all time for viewership on YouTube. That’s absolutely wild.

For the ad, which you can relive below, eight puppies were put to the best of their acting abilities. Seven females and one male feature in the classic spot as the lost dog of “Lost Dog”. All from the same litter, the pups were less than three months old at the time of filming. So yes, you are going to cry again.

In the emotional spot, directed by Jake Scott, the Budweiser Clydesdales help the puppy learn the true meaning of friendship by reminding us that #BestBuds always have your back.


In short: if you didn’t want to grab yourself and your best bud a 7-Pack before, you probably do now.