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Buffalo Attacks and Rips Woman’s Pants Off: Internet Has Words for Her After Video Comes Out

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Stephen Pedersen / Unsplash)

A shocking new video shows a buffalo attacking a woman while slinging her around for several seconds. After surfacing on the Internet, a number of viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions.

The 45-second clip shows a group of bikers parked while watching a massive herd of buffalo. One woman in particular can be seen walking far too close to the animals. Clearly considering the lady a threat, the buffalo charges her.

“Oh my God, it got her,” a person behind the camera says as the buffalo strikes the woman. For a matter of seconds, the buffalo whips the woman around in a circle going between the road and surrounding grassy area.

The buffalo seems to hook the woman’s pants in its horns and eventually rips them completely off her body. Once the woman’s pants came off, the buffalo quickly ran away. A group of bystanders then rushed to the woman’s aid.

*Warning: Video Contains Explicit Language*

Twitter Reacts to Buffalo Attacking the Woman

After watching the video, a number of viewers blamed the woman. They accused her of putting herself at risk by not remaining at a safe distance away from the wild animal.

“That’s why there are these things called warning signs and they usually have good advice like ‘don’t get too close to the animals,’ ‘don’t feed the animals,’ etc,” one user writes. “These people probably didn’t read the signs.” Another user chimed in writing: “This is what happens when you get too close to a wild animal. Just because they are used to human precense (sic) doesn’t mean they are domesticated. Don’t be dumb. Give them space and respect their territory.”

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This is one of several animal attacks this year. Most recently, a bison gored a woman trying to snap a photo at Yellowstone. Learn more here.