Buffalo Trace Distillery Workers Evacuated After Discovering WWII Bomb on Property

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Scott Olson/Getty Images

If you were to take a walk around the Buffalo Trace Distillery, you’d surely see several interesting things. Mostly, you’re going to be staring at bottles and bottles of bourbon and plenty of barrels letting all those flavors mingle together. Recently, however, the company found something on its property very much unexpected and potentially dangerous.

At a Glance

  • Buffalo Trace Distillery employees located an incendiary WWII bomb on the property
  • The building was evacuated and police were called to remove the bomb
  • The mysterious bomb was safely removed

Buffalo Trace Distillery Spots WWII Bomb

During a normal workday at Buffalo Trace Distillery, someone happened to spot this bomb on the property. It would eventually get the distinction of an incendiary WWII bomb.

Apparently, the archives team was working on unpacking some boxes from Booth’s Gin. According to Union-Bulletin, the spokesperson for the company, Amy Preske, said the building quickly went under evacuation orders for the safety of all the employees. The Kentucky State Police then swooped in and safely removed the bomb from the premises.

Also, it’s unclear how long the bomb remained hidden in the distillery, amongst the good bourbon and hard-at-work employees. Luckily, no one has any injuries from this bomb at all and it safely left the building. Surprisingly, this is not an uncommon incident. Different parts of the world will find these WWII bombs in hidden spots on occasion. For example, a 550-pound bomb was disarmed in Japan. Soldiers spotted it just last month when it was found buried underground.

Buffalo Trace and Chris Stapleton

There is no better pairing than country music star Chris Stapleton and Buffalo Trace Distillery. The two teamed up for the second year in a row with a goal of auctioning off some limited edition bottles of E.H. Taylor Jr. bottles of bourbon. This Grammy-Award-winning artist picked out the bottle himself.

It all goes to help honor the 125th anniversary of the Bottled in Bond Act. This was the very first consumer protection legislation ever. After signing and selling these bottles, all proceeds will go to Stapleton’s very own charity.

“Proud to partner with E.H. Taylor, Jr. for the 125th Anniversary of Bottled in Bond Day. Two packages are now up for bid with prizes including a Chris Stapleton signed E.H. Taylor Jr bottle, tickets to an All American Roadshow of your choice, a VIP Buffalo Trace Distillery experience, & more. All proceeds benefit Outlaw State of Kind,” Stapleton wrote on Instagram.

Additionally, the current bid is $10,250 at this time. Stapleton shared he drank this bourbon for the first time in the studio while recording “Traveller.” He has since made it a point to always have it around.

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