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Buffalo Wild Wings Hilariously Responds to Lawsuit Over Boneless Wings

by Samantha Whidden
Buffalo Wild Wings
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Buffalo Wild Wings)

Days after a lawsuit was filed against Buffalo Wild Wings for some boneless wings description issues, the restaurant chain hilariously responded to the situation. 

In a tweet on Monday (March 13th), Buffalo Wild Wings jokingly made some admissions. “Our boneless wings are all white meat chicken,” the restaurant chain declared. It also said that its hamburgers do not contain any ham and its buffalo wings are 0% buffalo. 

Twitter users quickly took to the Buffalo Wild Wings’ account to share their thoughts about the interesting tweet. “Do your chicken fingers, in fact, contain chicken fingers? If not… You are in big trouble fella,” one user wrote. 

Another user also called out the company for being deceptive about its menu items’ descriptions. “Your buffalo wings do have buffalo sauce, invented in Buffalo, New York. Not related to the animal. You’re trying to sell ‘boneless wings’ as chicken wings, though. Yet they’re just chicken tenders cut into small bites. Probably sell better if people think they’re eating wings.”

Chicago man, Aimen Halim, filed a class action against Buffalo Wild Wings earlier this month. He is accusing the restaurant chain of fooling customers into believing they were eating wing meat when they ordered the company’s boneless wings. Halim criticized the menu item by stating that the meat is essentially chicken nuggets that are not deep-fried. Instead, the wings are sliced breast meat deep-fried like wings. 

Halim said he fell victim to the false advertisement and accused Buffalo Wild Wings of “deceptive marketing” by misleading customers into buying cheaper products. 

Buffalo Wild Wings Lawsuit States the Boneless Wings Description is a ‘Clear-Cut Case’ of False Advertising 

In the lawsuit’s documents, Halim stated that the boneless wings description within the Buffalo Wild Wings’ menu is considered a “clear-cut” case of false advertising. 

“This clear-cut case of false advertising should not be permitted,” the suit further reads. “As consumers should be able to rely on the plain meaning of a product’s name and receive what they are promised. This is particularly true in a case like this one, where consumers value actual wings, and where Defendant has no valid reason for misleading consumers, other than to promote a cheaper product along with its actual chicken wings.”

The suit stated other companies sell similar items on their menu as Buffalo Wild Wings’ boneless wings. However, they avoid using the word “wings”. Among the restaurant chains listed are Domino’s Pizza (using boneless chicken) and Papa John’s (chicken poppers). “It should be noted that Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s also sell actual chicken wings, and that, a restaurant named Buffalo Wild ‘Wings’ should be just as careful if not more in how it names its products,” Halim went on to add.