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Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop Answer Viral Plea from Nebraska Man Denouncing Term ‘Boneless Chicken Wings’

by Caroline Bynum
Staff photo by Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Following a Nebraska man’s viral plea to rename boneless chicken wings, restaurants tweet their take on the situation.

Ander Christensen claims boneless chicken wings are mislabeled because no part of them is made from the bird’s wing. He offered alternatives to the name, like “wet tenders,” “buffalo-style chicken tenders,” and “saucy nugs.” Now, after the Lincoln City Council video has gone viral, Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop are fighting to defend the chicken dish’s name.

Buffalo Wild Wings replied to the video of Christensen to offer him free traditional wings for a year. They then stood up for the boneless wing name, encouraging chicken tender lovers in Lincoln to buy boneless wings this weekend in support of a local charity.

Ander Christensen appreciated the reply, but warned the chain restaurant that he isn’t done fighting for his cause. “Know this fight isn’t over yet,” his tweet says.

Wingstop agrees with Buffalo Wild Wings. The restaurant’s Twitter also replied to Christensen’s video, asking if he was enticing a fight. BWW hilariously replied, in accordance with the other wing chain, “Did we just become best friends!?”

Meanwhile, other brands and restaurants have rushed to support Christensen. Omaha Steaks recognizes the issue may be controversial, but they have to demonstrate their support for the Nebraska man. “Our butchers stand with Ander,” they write.

Grubhub, a food delivery service, also agrees with Ander’s mission. Similarly replying to the video, they add #SaucyNugs, giving their favorite name alternative.

Christensen Fights for Wings & College Football

He even made a guest appearance in a Huskers video, in anticipation of the start of football. The #SaucyNugs advocate entered a fake press conference and gave a similar spiel to his wing argument, about football. “A Saturday without Husker football is just a Saturday,” he says. And while Buffalo Wild Wings keeps their stance on “boneless wings,” it seems they may be able to agree with Christensen on at least one thing.

Ander Christensen stands for the return of college football and the renaming of boneless chicken wings. His fight isn’t over. Though he wants to be clear he isn’t anti-boneless wing, but rather just against the naming. “In the end, I don’t want Saucy Nugs to be removed from restaurants,” he tells Fox News. “I just want their name to be changed.”