Burger King Bans 120 Artificial Ingredients, Prompts Questions of What Was in Their Food in the First Place

by Jonathan Howard

Look, we all know that fast food is bad for us. But, sometimes a nice greasy burger hits the spot. Well, Burger King is updating its menu. However, what was meant to be a comforting announcement turns out to be more concerning than anything. Perhaps we should all do a better job of making sure we know what we are eating. Then again, I’ll probably hit up a drive-thru this weekend.

So, Burger King wanted to update and modernize their menu. By doing so they have eliminated 120 artificial ingredients from their locations. That has consumers asking…what the hell did y’all put in there, to begin with?

Moves like this are not unheard of, however, they cause more questions than answers. If you want to see the full list of ingredients you can go here.

Among the most removed items are artificial colorings along with a bunch of sodium ingredients. Those who are familiar with Subway and the “yoga mat” chemical, will notice that azodicarbonamide is on this list from BK. The fast-food chain released a statement on the artificial ingredients and it sounds like typical corporate talk.

“We firmly believe that real food doesn’t have to compromise on taste, so there have been no compromises to the authenticity of every crunch, sizzle, and Mmmm our guests expect from their BK favorites.”

So, next time you go grab a Whopper and some onion rings, you can feel a little better about your decision, but processed food is processed food.

Burger King Celebrity Meals

We are truly in an era of celebrity. Anyone with a page on social media can become a niche celebrity. There are ads all over with your favorite artists, actors, and influencers. Really, anyone can be famous nowadays. That love for celebrities has made quite a trend in fast food, mainly McDonald’s. But, Burger King is getting in on the celebrity-meal game.

Along with the announcement that 120 artificial ingredients were eliminated, BK also announced three new meals with celebrity endorsements. Nelly, Anitta, and Lil Huddy will have their own meals. McDonald’s has featured the J Balvin meal, the Travis Scott meal, the Saweetie meal, and will likely have more in the future. They are “personal” meal orders that are put together to bring your favorite celebrities McD order home. People seem to be into it.

One of these new Burger King meals features a Spicy Ch’King with cheese, with 4-piece mozzarella sticks, as well as a 16oz chocolate shake. That’s a lot of food. The good thing is, it won’t feature all those nasty artificial chemicals and ingredients, right? While there are no health promises with the new food, it will make many consumers feel better about going to the fast-food restaurant.