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Burger King Finally Enters Chicken Sandwich Wars With Cleverly Named New Menu Item

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Karol Serewis/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

A new Burger King chicken sandwich has put its name in the ring with some of the biggest contenders in all of the fast-food industry.

The “Home of the Whopper” will now be known also as the home of the new “Ch’King” sandwich. Starting June 3, Burger King will offer its hand-breaded chicken filet, pickles and a special sauce all served on a potato bun. Customers will also be able to order a spicy and a deluxe version of the sandwich. The spicy variant includes a “spicy glaze,” whereas the deluxe version comes with lettuce and tomato.

According to Burger King’s chief marketing officer, Ellie Doty, the popular chain spent two years perfecting the recipe. They also made sure how their restaurants had a plan in place to best implement the new sandwich on the menu.

“We really took our time to get it right,” Doty told CNBC. “To get the reps in at the restaurant and make sure that every restaurant had their hand-breading station set up properly.”

Burger King is the latest fast-food restaurant to hop on the trend. Back in 2019, Popeye’s launched its first-ever chicken sandwich. That release sparked a surge in similar creations from rivals like McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Burger King Launches ‘Ch’King’ Sandwich Amidst National Chicken Shortage

Burger King is the latest big chain to try its hand a new chicken sandwich. But the timing of their announcement does seem a little odd. Especially given that the United States is currently facing a shortage of chicken.

However, Doty says that Burger King has taken steps to make sure that they can handle the economic pressure.

“In taking the time to get this right, we also took the time to make sure that we have a very robust supply chain that is set up for the main scenario that we’re predicting as well as others that could happen,” she said.

And as for the catchy name of Burger King’s new chicken sandwich, Doty said it’s a funny story. The name “Ch’King” was inspired by a customer who tested the new item during the testing phase. He told the chain that they should change its name to Chicken King.

If you’re like us, you are probably making plans to go try the new “Ch’King” for yourself. To make things even better, customers that order the new sandwich online or through the Burger King app will also get a free Whopper. The limited-time deal will only last until June 20.