Burger King Gives Classic Menu Item a Makeover After 10 Years

by Emily Morgan

Burger King is getting nostalgic with one of its classic items. Recently, the iconic burger chain announced it would bring back its crown-shaped chicken nuggets a decade after the chain took them off the menu. 

The chicken nuggets have long been a fan favorite since they debuted. However, in 2011, the chain got rid of the chicken nuggets, which later sparked a petition for their return. The petition garnered more than 2,200 signatures at the time. 

Additionally, Burger King’s official Twitter account teased the return of the coveted chicken nugget. In April, the chain published a poll on Twitter asking their followers to give their input into whether or not they should bring the item back. 

Now, the famous nuggets are back a decade later. Made with white meat chicken and coated in a crispy layer of breading, the chain is offering the item at 25 locations around Miami, Florida, for a limited time. They cost $1.49 for a meal containing ten nuggets, according to CNN.

Although they’re just at one location, the chain is hinting that fans should “stay tuned for additional information regarding a potential nationwide launch.” 

Florida Burger Kings Offering Classic Chicken Nuggets

Currently, the chain is offering the nuggets at multiple Miami, Florida locations:

  • 3051 Coral Way
  • 1910 N. E. 163rd Street
  • 7070 Bird Road
  • 13201 South Dixie Highway
  • 11595 S. W. 40th Street
  • 10710 S.W. 72nd Street
  • 955 S. W. 107 Avenue
  • 701 N. W. 37th Avenue
  • 8770 Mills Drive
  • 20505 Old Cutler Road
  • 11200 S. W. 137th Avenue
  • 16025 South Dixie Highway
  • 16730 S.W. 88th St.
  • 13704 S.W. 56th Street

Yet, Burger King isn’t the only fast-food restaurant throwing it back to its early days. In 2020, McDonald’s introduced their spicy chicken McNuggets, which marked the first new flavor marketed in the U.S. since 1983. In February, the golden arches chain reintroduced the popular Hi-C Orange Lavaburst drink. 

McDonald’s first debuted the highly requested orange drink on its menus in 1955. It later became associated with the restaurant until 2017, when the restaurant removed it and replaced it with Sprite Tropic Berry.

In February, McDonald’s launched its Hi-C Orange Lavaburst rollout as a limited release, promising it would be available nationwide by June. Those eagerly waiting can utilize the Hi-C Orange tracker at McdFinder.com to received updates about the rollout. 

Customers can check on their closest McDonald’s serving the iconic beverage by entering their zip code before showing them the availability on a map. Just imagine if you could get a crown chicken nugget and Hi-C meal all in one! All our throwback fast-food dreams would finally come true!