Burning Cargo Ship With Thousands of Luxury Cars Adrift in Atlantic Ocean

by Shelby Scott

Car enthusiasts globally blanch as a cargo ship blaze resulted in the destruction of thousands of expensive luxury vehicles.

According to the New York Post, thousands of Porsches, Audis, and Lamborghinis remained unmanned as the craft burned on Thursday. The 650-foot long cargo ship, the Felicity Ace, carried a crew of 22, none of whom sustained any injuries.

In response, a Porsche spokesman said, “Our immediate thoughts are of relief that the 22 crew of the merchant ship Felicity Ace are safe and well.”

As per the outlet, the 22 crew members safely evacuated the burning cargo ship. After departing the shipwreck, the crew took up residence in a hotel on the Azores Islands.

Meanwhile, the burned-out ship heads westward toward Rhode Island from Germany, continuing on its original course.

The outlet assumed it was the ship was likely too large to be towed to a port along the Portuguese archipelago, therefore sending the ship on to Rhode Island.

According to the country’s military, the cargo ship had been adrift 100 miles from land. The decision to send the Felicity Ace to Rhode Island resulted from the 900 miles spanning the distance between it and the European mainland.

Porsche released a statement to customers following the cargo ship fire. Representatives stated, “Anyone concerned by this incident and the implications on the car they’ve ordered should contact their Porsche dealer.”

One unfortunate consumer Tweeted that his custom-ordered Porsche Boxter Spyder succumbed to the ship’s flames. Simple base models of the vehicle run for an impressive $100,000.

WATCH: Footage Shows Panamanian Cargo Ship Snapped In Half

We might like to think our massive, manmade cargo ships are impervious to natural and human-induced destruction. However, clearly, that could not be farther from the case.

The New York Post did not reveal a cause for the cargo ship’s blaze among its report. However, once the craft arrives in Rhode Island, we may see additional information released.

On another occasion last year, a Panamanian cargo ship encountered an ill fate, running aground and, literally, snapping in half. Check it out.

The grim scene captures the 40,000-ton ship afloat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after strong winds had blown the massive craft off course. Identified as the Crimson Polaris, the ship was so large, it ran aground two miles from port.

What made the cargo ship’s destruction even more devastating was the resultant oil spill. Viewers can see a broad swathe of the dark substance making its way from the ship in the clip above. Reports at the time stated cleanup of the spill would take weeks, causing lasting damage upon local ecosystems.