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Burnout: Bugatti That Caught Fire Listed for a Massive Fortune at Auction

by Quentin Blount
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

If you live in Florida and are shopping around for used cars, you may want to keep your eyes peeled. A $3 million Bugatti Chiron is being listed at an estimated value of just $345,000.

Now, you may be thinking exactly what we were at first — “what a scam.” But hold on just a second, there is a reason behind why the value of this black and red supercar is just a fraction of its original price. The catch? Burn damage.

The owner of the Bugatti Chiron is Dominican music star El Alfa. It is the same car that was reported back in July as the target of arson in a Miami parking garage. At the time, he said that he felt like he was in danger. As you can see in the video posted to the Super Car Fails Instagram account, there is some pretty extreme burn damage to the left front fender. Not only that but much of the car is sitting underneath a layer of soot. Take a look at the video down below:

“Another angle of the Chiron that caught fire today in Miami. It was supposedly purposely set ablaze.”

According to a police report regarding the incident, El Alfa and one of his friends came back to the parking garage to find his car on fire. They tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but it was ultimately the garage’s sprinkler system that put them out.

The police report adds that a gray Ferrari 488 GTB also had some minor burn damage since it was next to the Bugatti. As it currently stands, the incident is still under investigation.

Readers Respond to Footage of Burned Up Bugatti

As you can probably imagine, this kind of story definitely sparked a lot of discussions online. That began with one person pointing out just how much in taxes there will be in total on the Bugatti before it’s all said and done.

“Just think, this dude paid taxes on the original purchase of his 3M car. It will be sold at auction for someone to restore and taxed again. When the restoration is complete, it will be sold again, then taxed again. 1 car, 3 owners, and thousands of taxes collected. What a racket…”

Meanwhile, other readers left comments talking about how expensive the maintenance is on a car like this.

“If they include a full tank, could break about even, at 345K. Now for the odd thing, how hard is it to change the oil, that it would cost $25K.”

And finally, one person said that they haven’t even heard of the music star El Alfa.

“Talk about out of touch,” another person commented. “A singer I’ve never heard of made enough cash to buy a $3 million car.”