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Bus-Rider Uses a Live Snake as a COVID-19 Mask and Social Media Is Going Crazy

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images / Contributor/ Getty Images)

In the midst of the pandemic, you may see people wearing a variety of types of masks. You may see a mask made of cloth, silk, cotton, plastic, or countless other materials, but we are sure you have never seen one like this.

People onboard a bus in the UK were taken back when they saw passengers wearing a live snake as a mask.

One 46-year-old woman riding the bus simply said, “it was definitely entertaining.”

The man in the video got on board the bus that was traveling from Swinton to Manchester.

He seems calm and nonchalant about the situation at hand, however the large serpent is coiled around his neck like a scarf on a chilly day. Only much weirder.

The passenger nearby thought at first that he “had a really funky mask on”. That thought quickly changed once “he let it crawl around the handrails”.

Yet, other people on board the bus were not phased by the giant serpent, as if it was just another Tuesday.

On the other hand, the Manchester-based bus company didn’t find it as amusing. The company spokesperson said it’s “shocked at these reports and are taking them very seriously.”

They go on to add, “The safety of our customers and employees is our absolute priority. We expect all of our customers to comply with the government’s rules on wearing a suitable face covering on public transport.”

The company is conducting an investigation into the jokester, which will include reviewing footage and interviewing the bus driver.

Many people think this was a political stunt to mock the government for requiring citizens to wear a mask while on public transportation.

Twitter’s Response to the Mask

Social Media, however, blew up with their thoughts on the odd mask of choice.

One Twitter user was also quite punny with there response.

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