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Busch Beer Looking to Pay Dog $20,000 to Be Taste Tester for ‘Dog Brew’ in New Contest

by Evan Reier
Photo by Carsten Koall/picture alliance via Getty Images)

If you ask the folks at Busch, dogs need brewskis too. And to make sure they get it right, they’re paying one pooch $20,000 to be a “Chief Tasting Officer.”

After all, the life of laying around, playing fetch and eating treats is hard work. And what better way to take a load off than a nice cold one. But before the questions of, “Does it have alcohol?” flood in, here’s some background.

Busch launched the product in the summer of 2020, per Fox News. Instead of being made with hops and barley, the “drink” is a bone broth that is yes, alcohol-free. With other ingredients, the brew features pork butt, corn, celery and mint.

Per Fox News, Daniel Blake, Busch’s VP of value brands added a statement.

“To expand the brand this year, we needed a true expert in the space on our team,” Blake said. “We’re excited to give one qualified canine a real, paying job and to tap into their insider knowledge of our target consumer to expand Busch Dog Brew in 2021!”

So with that in mind, what exactly is the “Chief Tasting Officer” position? And, more importantly, how can your best friend get the job?

Busch Beer Announces Contest

On April 13, Busch took to Twitter to make the call to dogs across the United States.

The caption reads:

“YOUR DOG could be hired as our Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer w/ a $20K SALARY. As our pawfessional taste-taster, they’ll be the face of Busch Dog Brew. Reply w/ your pup’s pic & their qualifications w/ #BuschCTOcontest for their chance to get the job.”

In the tweet, spokesman for the beer brand, a man known as Busch Guy, explains the importance of the gig.

“It will be your sole responsibility to shepherd the great taste of Busch, research new flavors, take up pet projects. Your bark will have to be as good as your bite.”

If it isn’t clear already, Busch ain’t messing around, at least not in terms of this being a late April Fools joke. But if you need extra info to convince you that this contest is legit, info on the salary may help.

How to Win and What the Pay Looks Like

We’re not sure how you divvy up your dog’s salary on your taxes. Are they dependents? It’s hard to say if they’re raking in $20,000 a year. And not only that, they’re also contributing with a benefits package.

Busch will give the winning pup and its owner a $20,000 check as compensation for being CTO and brand ambassador. On top of that, the winner receives a $800 pre-paid card for insurance. Of course, the winner gets a considerable amount of the product, with four 10-piece packs of dog brew included.

So what kind of hiring process is Busch undertaking? While most corporations’ officer positions need several interviews and an elongated process, Busch just needs you to hop on Twitter.

Tweet at @BuschBeer with a picture or two of your buddy, their qualifications for the gig and use #BuschCTOcontest in the tweet. It’s a wide net Busch is pulling, but it’s an easy one to get into.