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California Beach Closed After Shark Kills Boogie Boarder

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Steve Woods Photography via Getty images)

One California resident is dead after his Christmas Eve boogie boarding outing ended in a fatal shark attack.

According to KSBY, a Central Coast-based NBC affiliate, the shark attack happened at around 10:40 this morning. A man was boogie boarding off Moro Bay City Beach when a shark bit him. As of now, authorities haven’t released many details. First responders studied the bites left by the shark and think that it may have been a great white. However, experts have not confirmed what species of shark bit the boogie boarder.

After the shark attack, authorities closed the area of the beach where it happened. That area, called “The Pit” will be closed for 24 hours. Morro Bay Harbor officials hope that it will give the shark plenty of time to move out of the area. They posted signs along the beach to alert beachgoers to the closure as well as the danger lurking under the waves.

As of now, authorities haven’t released any details about the deceased boogie boarder.

According to KSBY, this fatal shark attack is surprising. The outlet says that shark bites are incredibly rare. Furthermore, very few of those rare bites turn fatal. Last year, there were only 33 unprovoked shark bites in the United States. Three of those were fatal.

So, this morning’s fatal attack is something that locals aren’t used to seeing. However, shark sightings in the Morro Bay area are common.

In recent years, several people have seen sharks swimming in the waters around California’s Central Coast. Morro Bay and surrounding beaches have seen a few close encounters with sharks. However, the last fatal shark attack in the area took place in 2003. The attack took place at Avila Beach when a 50-year-old woman was swimming near the pier.

Brutal Shark Attack in Florida

Just because a shark attack isn’t fatal doesn’t mean it isn’t traumatic. Earlier this year, a 15-year-old named Lucas Cruz found that out while on vacation with his family in Florida. In the moments leading up to the attack, Cruz was catching lobsters at a beach in Miami. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a bull shark was upon him.

Cruz caught a lobster and was swimming back to his family when the shark bit him. The bull shark bit both of the teenager’s legs, causing severe and extensive damage. As a result, Cruz lost seventy percent of his blood volume.

About the shark attack, Cruz said, “It doesn’t feel anything like what you would think. I thought I got hit by a boat. Then, I looked above the water and realized there’s no boat near us or near anybody in the water. So, then I just realized it was a shark after that.”

Luckily, the teenager made it to the hospital in time to receive life-saving medical attention.