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California Carpenter Makes Dozens of Desks for Free to Aid Students’ Virtual Learning Amid COVID-19

by Outsider
(Photo by David Stewart-Smith/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images)

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many students to attend classes at home. Parents are working from home as well. It can be difficult to find a reliable place to do work.

Not everyone can afford a desk or secure area to take their classes. That’s where one talented carpenter in California decided to step in. Mitchell Couch, who’s been in the profession for 20 years, has decided to create dozens of free desks for students in need.

“Their school work was always all over the table and we were constantly having to move it, so I built some desks for my kids so they could have their own space,” Couch joked about his kids encroaching on his table space to Fox News. “When I was building the second desk, I thought that others might benefit from knowing how to build their own desks. I did a quick YouTube video, and posted a few directions along with a materials list, hoping that it could help anybody out.”

As a result, supermarket Grocery Outlet contacted Couch. The outlet offered to supply materials should the carpenter want to make more desks. From there, he made 37 additional desks to fill those requesting assistance for at-home learning.

Couch’s desks go viral on Reddit

Following the story’s success on Reddit, Couch became inundated with requests. Students and parents around the world commented on his handiwork. He was impressed by the interest and the questions from those also looking to make desks.

Couch is looking to make a second wave for those in need around him soon.

“Sometimes we look at things on a national or worldwide level and it can bring us down,” Couch said. “When you focus [on those] around you, you can have the greatest impact by just helping and being charitable with your neighbors and friends.”

It looks like Couch’s desks have been such a hit that folks can’t get enough of them. Luckily, students also have a reliable place to get some studying done going forward.

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