California Firefighters Rescue 13-Year-Old Blind Dog From 15-Foot Hole

by Taylor Cunningham

California firefighters were able to safely rescue a blind dog that fell into a 15-foot-deep hole.

As Pasadena news station KABC reported, 13-year-old Cesar wandered into a construction zone near his home on Tuesday, September 20. His owner, Mary, wasn’t aware he could get into the fenced site. But Cesar found a gap and squeezed through. While he was exploring, he plummeted into a hole that measures three feet across.

“He’s an old dog. But he’s still very curious and adventurous,” Mary told the publication.

Mary realized Cesar was in trouble with she heard her other dog barking and Cesar returning the call. When Cesar barked back, she could tell that the sound was coming from the construction site.

When the dog’s owner went to investigate, she found Cesar at the bottom of the hole and asked the foreman for help. He then called the fire department.

California Firefighters Returned the Dog to His Owner Uninjured

California firefighters responded immediately. Within 10 mins, members of the department’s search and rescue team were on the scene devising a plan to rescue Cesar. Because of the size and vertical shape of the hole, pulling the dog to safety wasn’t as simple as carrying him out. So the EMS workers created a rope and pulley system.

Once the system was completed, one firefighter went into the hole and placed a harness on Cesar. Then, they pulled him up by an attached rope. It took about 12 minutes for the team to reach the dog and bring him to safety.

“The dog was blind. This is a construction zone,” Pasadena Fire Chief Chad Augustin told KABC. “Confined space rescues are low-frequency, high-risk, and there’s lots of steps we need to make sure we do to make it as safe as possible not just for the victim, or in this case the dog, but also our rescuers.”

Mary was waiting for Cesar when he reached safe ground. Cesar was covered in construction dust and appeared scared when he was reunited with Mary. But to her surprise, he suffered no injuries during the long fall or subsequent rescue.

After posing with Mary and Cesar for a few pictures, Augustin noted that a happy ending like Cesar’s “always makes us feel good.”

“At the end of the day, all of us are pet lovers,” he said. “I have a dog of my own. We want to make sure we take care of not just our residents, but also our furry friends.”