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California Governor Proposes $300M Investment to Fight Theft

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Friday (December 17th) a $300 million proposal for his Real Public Safety Plan to fight smash-and-grab robberies in the Golden State. 

According to a press release, the California Governor’s Real Public Safety Plan focuses on new investments that will bolster local law enforcement responses. It was revealed that this plan will ensure prosecutors hold perpetrators accountable. The plan will also get guns and drugs off the streets. 

While sharing more details about the Real Public Safety Plan’s efforts, California Governor stated, “We’re doubling down on our public safety investments and partnerships with law enforcement officials up and down the state. To ensure Californian and small businesses feel safe in their communities. A fundamental need we all share.”

Newsom also explained that the plan will bolster his administration’s prevention, deterrence and enforcement efforts to aggressively curb crime. “Hold bad actors to account and protect Californians from the devastating gun violence epidemic.”

Meanwhile, Newsom revealed local law enforcement’s response to stop and apprehend criminals is as follows. Increase local law enforcement to combat retail theft; then create a smash and grab enforcement unit; deploy more patrols to keep California roads safe; and offer support for small businesses that are victimized by retail theft.

In an effort to make sure more prosecutors hold perpetrators accountable, the plan’s investment will also allow for dedicated retail theft prosecutors, help fight crime statewide, and create a statewide organized theft team. In keeping guns and drugs off the street, California will have the largest gun buyback program in the country; it will hold the gun industry accountable for incidents that happen involving guns; it will lead the nation’s gun violence research efforts; and will intercept drugs. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom Discusses Statewide Surge in Crime 

During a recent interview with ABC 7 News, California Governor Gavin Newsom discussed the statewide surge in crime. “Violent crime rate rose .08% last year and nationwide at five percent. We’re seeing pockets of crime all throughout California. Not just in the Bay Area.”

Meanwhile, the California Governor went on to state that the crime surge is unacceptable and people have the right to be angry about it. “People’s feelings are one thing. Statistics are another. Feeling at this point matters more.”

The California lawmaker also told the media outlet that he has been working with mayors and California Highway Patrol to increase enforcement at shopping centers that are hit hard by retail thefts. He goes on to add that with his next state budget proposal, there will be a “substantial increase” in addressing crime. 

Newsom endured and defeated a recall election against him in September 2021. He has since been on a mission to help fight crime throughout the state.