California Man Attempts to Jump Oregon’s ‘Devil’s Churn’ Gully, Swept into Ocean

by Courtney Blackann

Oregon’s majestic Devil’s Churn gully is full of crashing waves and intense currents. It’s a gorgeous sight to see, albeit dangerous. A California man learned this the hard way after attempting to jump across the divide and was swept out into the ocean.

Sixty-seven-year-old Steve Allen from Walnut Creek was attempting to make the jump across Devil’s Churn when he was inevitably swept into the ocean, according to Yahoo! News. Guests of the park tried to grab him, but were unsuccessful. They soon lost sight of the man as the currents swept him further out to sea.

Further, the situation became more bleak. Oregon police officers, unable to find the man, stopped their search.

“The United States Coast Guard and other responding agencies suspended their search,” Oregon State Police said in a news release. “Allen is presumed to be deceased.”

The area of Oregon is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. It’s a breathtaking collection of trees, rocky terrain and powerful water. Several hikers make their way to Devil’s Churn each season to witness its majestic scenery. However, Allen is not the only visitor to fall into the water there.

Officials found the hand of a woman was found washed up on a beach near the pass in 2002. Likewise, in 2013 a man fell into the falls, but escaped unscathed.

Man Falls Off Oregon Cliff

Like so many park officials have warned against, an increasing number of tourists are risking their lives in order to snap a selfie with a beautiful backdrop. But sometimes pushing the limits too far could cost you much more than a bad selfie.

A man in Oregon fell to his death after attempting to climb a gorgeous overlook in the state. Seaside, Oregon resident Steven Gastelum, was on the cliff’s edge in Devil’s Cauldron Overlook Trail. He had attempted the climb to pose for a photo. After climbing out on a branch overlooking the scene, the branch snapped.

Gastelum fell 100 feet to his death. He wasn’t alone and his friend reported the accident to officials. Coast Guard and Nehalem Bay Fire Dept. attempted to search for the man on jet skis and through the trails. However, the distance the man fell was just too great.

Oregon authorities announced there was nothing more they could do to rescue the man. His body was recovered and brought to a nearby hospital where emergency medicine specialists pronounced him dead.

A number of tourists have fallen to their deaths in recent years while trying to capture photos or take selfies. Authorities are warning against this behavior and encouraging hikers as well as visitors to national parks to enjoy the beauty safely. A risky photo could end a life, and it’s just not worth it, authorities said.