California Police Find Piglet Named ‘Bacon’ Wandering Suburban Streets

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Hollie Latham/PhotoPlus Magazine/Future via Getty Images)

If any of our Californian Outsiders are missing an adorable black and white piglet, we know where to find him. And he’s safe and sound, thanks to a couple of police officers.

In the city of Pleasanton, the pests are as wholesome as the town name. And that was proven on Thursday when two police officers spotted a tiny piglet—dubbed Bacon—running through the streets of the East Bay suburb.

Luckily, the troopers managed to wrangle the pig before he was harmed.

Once captured, the officers took him to Alameda County’s East County Animal Shelter—hoping that someone reported him missing. But unfortunately, no one had. So now, the Pleasanton Police Department is asking the public to help “bring home the bacon.”

German Shepherd Leads New Hampshire Police to Owner’s Car Crash

A German Shepherd in New Hampshire has once again proven that dogs are man’s best friend.

As WMUR News reported, a New Hampshire State Trooper was patrolling an icy highway earlier this month when he noticed what he thought was a lost dog. But after he began to follow the animal, he was led straight to a rollover accident near Interstate 91 and Interstate 89 junction in Vermont.

“They could tell the dog was trying to show them something because they were, he kept trying to get away from them but didn’t run away totally. It was kind of, ‘Follow me. Follow me,’” Lt. Daniel Baldassarre said in a statement. “And they did that and you know, to their surprise to see the guardrail damaged and to look down to where the dog is looking at, it’s just, they were almost in disbelief.”

The dog, named Tinsley, had brought the trooper to her owner, Cam Laundry.

“She’s my little guardian angel,” Laundry told WMUR. “It’s a miracle that she had that kind of intelligence to do what she did.”

Laundry and the other passengers had been sitting for so long that hypothermia had begun to set in. But luckily, no one was seriously injured. However, they were “shaken up” and unaware that the accident had happened.

” [We] didn’t know what was happening,” Laundry continued. “Next thing we know, the cops were there, and it was all because of her.”