California Woman Captures ‘Red Spinning Disk’ in Sky That Appears to Be a UFO: VIDEO

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday night, a California woman captured what she thinks is a UFO after recording a red spinning disk in the night sky.

Kimberly Slover is a Woodlake resident, which is just south of Fresno, CA. Late that Wednesday night, Slover heard someone knock on her door. When she answered, her friend and neighbor Victor Chavez wanted her to confirm what he saw in the sky. According to local news channel FOX 26, Chavez said “A spaceship!” repeatedly as he spoke to Slover.

The woman grabbed her phone, stepped outside with her neighbor, and began recording the possible UFO. What Slover captured she called a “round-like disk on fire in front and back as it was around edges of the disk.”

“I recorded a red spinning disk, with maybe a hole in the middle,” Slover said to FOX 26.

While speaking to the outlet, the witness shared that the UFO seemed fairly close to them at first. However, it then disappeared, returned just briefly, and shifted from red to white before disappearing once again. The unexplained encounter lasted less than a minute, but you can hear the shock in their voices within the recording. Check out the short video of the spinning object along with photos from the clip HERE.

Pentagon Reveals Photos and Video of Declassified UFOs in Congressional Hearing

Last month, the Pentagon presented declassified videos and photos of UFOs during the first Congressional hearing of its kind in decades. Congress questioned various military officials for more than an hour during the live-streamed hearing on May 17. The meeting addressed several mysterious sightings in recent years, and Congress is treating them as a “potential national security threat.”

In one video presented to Congress, a small object flies by a military pilot at high speeds. In other documentation presented in the hearing, glowing triangles are seen hovering in the night sky. The purpose of the hearing is for lawmakers to open a dialogue and attempt to understand the various UFO sightings. The government officially refers to the sightings as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

“Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are a potential national security threat. And they need to be treated that way,” subcommittee Chairman Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., said during the hearing.

“For too long, the stigma associated with UAPs has gotten in the way of good intelligence analysis,” Carson added. “Pilots avoided reporting, or were laughed at when they did. DOD officials relegated the issue to the back room, or swept it under the rug entirely, fearful of a skeptical national security community.”

Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray is one of the military personnel who testified in front of Congress. Bray went over the videos and photos presented to lawmakers and explained what he could. The deputy director admitted the videos of the glowing triangles remained unsolved for a while. Yet officials eventually identified the triangular UFOs as unmanned aerial vehicles. Military officials also admitted they can’t explain the flying object in the first clip.

“I do not have an explanation for what this specific object is,” Bray explained during his presentation.