Californian’s “Fire” Halloween Decorations Causing Multiple People to Dial 911

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: D-Keine/Getty Images

A California home’s Halloween decorations caused multiple people to call emergency services. The house featured Pirates of the Caribbean themed decorations with realistic-looking fire. The flames looked so real in fact that neighbors called 911.

The homeowners made the inside their house’s windows look like it caught flames. They also used a fog machine to create “smoke” billowing from the windows. The effect fooled several people into thinking the house was on fire.

Several trucks from the fire department arrived on the scene. Overall, the firefighters liked the Halloween decorations.

“We had a hook and ladder here, another big truck on the side,” homeowner Carmen Long told ABC World News Now. “Initially, they thought it was a real fire. They got out of the trucks then they walked around and gave my husband a high five. They even said, ‘Great job. It looks so good.”

In the future, the couple promises to notify the fire department when they plan to turn on their decorations. One ABC anchor expressed shock and outrage at the decorations. “In California, they’re doing this? In California?” he asked repeatedly.

Fires have burned millions of acres in California

California has had a record year in regards to wildfires in the state. Since the beginning of the year, the state experienced more than 8,500 wildfires. In total, the fires have burned over 4.1 million acres in California and killed 31 people. Additionally, over 9,200 structures have been destroyed, according to Cal Fire.

A heatwave in August caused some of the largest complex fires the state has ever experienced. Lightning strikes have caused many of the fires, but arson is to blame for some of the blazes. In September, a gender reveal party caused the massive El Dorado fire.

As of Oct. 14, 11,000 firefighters are battling 20 wildfires in the state.

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