Californians Reportedly Buying Fire Trucks on Craigslist To Protect Themselves Against Wildfires

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images

The recent wildfires in California have many residents looking for fire trucks of their own. Deadly wildfires this summer have caused millions of dollars in damage, with 1.5 million acres scorched. Eight people have died, and more than 3,100 structures have burned down.

The state’s fire services – including firefighters, trucks and other resources – strained to deal with this year’s fires. Many firefighters have been pulling 24-hour shifts to contain the flames. There are around 14,200 firefighters working to contain 20 major fires and lightning complexes in the state. More than 18,200 people remain evacuated. Dry lightning strikes caused many of the fires.

Now residents are looking to take their safety into their own hands.

There are numerous Craigslist listings for fire trucks.

There are a number of listings for fire trucks on Craigslist. One listing advertised a 2013 Peterbilt water truck, which can carry 2,500 gallons. The asking price was $69,000. Another seller listed a 53-year-old Ford 150 truck for $15,000. The truck needed some work, but the seller wrote, “with these lightning complex fires going on, maybe you could still use it.”

According to SFGate, someone is selling a “Type 6 Fire Truck” for $17,500 in Napa, CA. The seller wrote, “I purchased two of these trucks that were maintained as reserve units for Cal Fire but only really needed one.”

Vans From Japan is also cashing in on the demand. The Sacramento company buys trucks from Japan and sells them to California residents. On the site, a 1995 Toyota Hilux Fire Truck is on sale for $17,000.

Cal Fire has discouraged locals from buying fire trucks or hiring their own firefighting teams.

“People don’t understand the ferocity of these fires that we’ve been dealing with the last five or so years. They’re very unpredictable and you can’t project what the fire’s going to do,” Cal Fire Captain Scott McLean to the Daily Mail.

This summer, California has seen some of the largest wildfires in its history. This includes the SCU lightning Complex, the second largest blaze in the state’s history, and the LNU Lightning complex, the third largest.

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