Camper Designed for the Tesla Cybertruck Hits $100 Million in Preorders

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Patrick Pleul - Pool/Getty Images)

While the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t going to come out until 2022 at the earliest, that hasn’t stopped one company from making popup campers for the truck.

That’s right, a new popup camper made just for the Tesla pickup. While Tesla itself isn’t making the new attachment, Elon Musk has called the product, “cool.” Stream It has completely shifted its focus from tech and AI to developing these campers. Now, they have $100 million in preorders.

The camper is called the CyberLandr and will run Cybertruck owners another $50,000 to make their truck into an RV. CEO of Stream It, Lance King realized no such product existed for the Cybertruck. So, he decided to make his company the leader in the industry.

The CEO said that the RV industry, “hasn’t innovated in 50 years.” He also added, “THey’re not going to get a stroke of genius and create a new RV. And I thought, ‘Who could do it?'” He realized that his team and business could be the ones to do it.

How the CyberLandr Works

Basically, the CyrberLandr acts like a popup. The design is outfitted with a large solar panel on the top. The entire thing is designed to store away perfectly into the bed of the Cybertruck. If the company is able to make the design as the renderings show, then this looks like the future of RV living.

As far as the Crybertruck’s performance, this camper shouldn’t do too much to hinder the vehicle. It weighs 1,200 pounds and will probably cut the range of the truck by 5%. However, to be able to transform your truck in this way sounds like it would be worth the trade-off.

The design includes a large solar panel on the top that would power the amenities in the camper. Fully deployed, you can expect it to be around 11 feet tall. It comes with a bathroom, including a shower. The living room changes into the bedroom with an extra sleeping space below.

The Tesla Cybertruck is a smart vehicle. So, the camper is outfitted with smart technologies as well. That includes voice-operated amenities throughout.

Tesla Final Specifications Could Wreck CyberLandr

There is one big thing that could change the situation for the CyberLandr and those that have preordered them so far. While the specifications of the Cybertruck are known from the first reveal, they could easily change.

If Tesla makes a change to the truck, then these campers just won’t fit in the trucks. So, King and his team are keeping an ear to the ground and hoping that nothing surprises them before the launch of the truck and the camper. That would be setting Stream It back and delaying the release of the CyberLandr.