Canada’s House of Commons Votes to Support Emergencies Act in Response to Trucker Convoy Blockades

by Shelby Scott

The Canadian truckers’ convoy has picked up international attention over the last few weeks. Since its inception, law enforcement has made 200 arrests to date. They’ve also utilized tow trucks to dismantle blockades as a method of unclogging the capital city’s streets. Following these reactionary efforts, the nation’s House of Commons has voted in support of the Emergencies Act in connection to the Freedom Convoy.

As media outlets have highlighted, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was initially hesitant to involve law enforcement at the start of the truckers’ convoy. His reluctance to engage largely restricted trade and access between Canada and the United States. The government was also slow to deal with groups clogging the city of Ottawa, disrupting the lives of local populations.

Now, as per the Toronto Star, the vote saw a total of 185-151 in favor of the Emergencies Act. The support of the act will enable significant temporary government involvement in certain states of emergency.

However, now, while the federal government determined an overall vote in favor of the act, the remainder of the week will see the Canadian government debating whether or not to enact it.

As of now, much of the truckers’ convoy has moved on. Currently, trade is again accessible between the two North American nations. Additionally, the streets of Ottawa remain clear of demonstrators and their vehicles.

Nevertheless, the outlet reports Trudeau has insisted the use of the Emergencies Act remains necessary. He further stated the act provides police forces with “critical measures.”

In addition, he said the government will “gladly lift” emergency measures when they are no longer required.

American Truckers’ Convoy to Descend on D.C.

For now, the Canadian government continues debating the utilization of the Emergencies Act. Meanwhile, the United States government prepares to face a convoy of its own.

As mentioned above, the Canadian Freedom Convoy inspired movements internationally. Similar demonstrations took place across the U.S., France, and several other nations.

Now, as winter storms abound, the impending American convoy will surely cause gridlock, as the Freedom Convoy did in Ottawa. Fox News reports the American demonstrators will head to our capital city this week.

One of the convoy’s organizers, Bob Bolus, in charge of a truck parts and towing business in Pennsylvania, explained how the truckers plan to enact their demonstration.

“I’ll give you an analogy of that of a boa constrictor,” Bolus stated. “That basically squeezes you, chokes you, and it swallows you. And that’s what we’re going to do to D.C.”

However, while some protestors among the Freedom Convoy became threatening, Bolus insists the American convoy will remain peaceful.

“There will be a lane open for emergency vehicles,” he assured the news station, adding, “We will not compromise anybody’s health or safety, one way or the other.”

That said, the protests will surely wreak havoc on locals, the movement’s organizer stating, “As far as if they can’t get to work, geez that’s too bad.”