Canadian Protest Shuts Down Border Between USA, Backs Up Traffic

by Samantha Whidden

As the Canadian protest for medical freedom continues, the event shut down the border between the U.S. and Canada.

The Detroit News reported the Ambassador Bridge shut down to U.S.-bound traffic after a traffic-blocking convoy part of the Canadian protest blocked traffic on Monday (February 7th). Those participating in the protest are against COVID-19 mandates and restrictions in Canada. The bridge to Canada in Detroit closed in the evening. The bridge was listed as being “temporarily closed.”

The Canadian side of the bridge reopened before 6 a.m. on Tuesday (February 8th). But the U.S. side remained closed at midday. The media outlet states that traffic cameras were showing trucks backed up for miles at the Blue Water Bridge. The Canadian government declares that the delay for commercial traffic to cross between Sarnia and Port Huron is 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Meanwhile, late on Monday, CBS News’ Chris Ending tweeted a video showing those participating in the Canadian protest just blocks from the bridge. The backups are causing some issues with the supply chain. Which has been struggling due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Chuck Lippstreu, President of the Michigan Agri-Business Association, stated, “Any delay or disruption in the supply chain creates problems. Not just for agriculture but the state economy.”

The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association has also released a statement calling for the Canadian protest to end. The reasoning is that the protest is affecting the country’s economy. Auto production relies on efficient supply chain logistics for the delivery of parts, components, and vehicles. Persistent delays at the Ambassador Bridge risk disrupting automotive production that employs tens of thousands of Canadians.”

Ambassador Bridge Owner Speaks Out Against Canadian Protest 

Along with the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association, the owner of the Ambassador Bridge has spoken out against the Canadian protest. Matt Moroun, Chairman of the Detroit International Bridge Company, also declares in a statement, “We encourage the appropriate officials to take prompt action to alleviate the situation as quickly as possible in a manner that reflects mutual respect. International commerce needs to resume. The Ambassador Bridge and the Moroun family sympathize with the truck drivers and those caught up in this blockade.”

However, those participating in the Canadian protest have stated they will not leave until all vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in Canada. They also want Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to be removed. While they are calling for him to resign, Trudeau has backed the protester’s right to protest. He stated in a tweet on Monday, “Canadians have the right to protest; to disagree with their government; and to make their voices heart. We’ll always protect that right. But let’s be clear: they don’t have the right to blockade our economy; or our democracy; or our fellow citizens’ daily lives. It has to stop.”