Canadian Runner Breaks His Own World-Record for the Beer Mile

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Sean Burges/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Corey Bellemore is very good at two things: running and slamming down beers. And he’s even better at doing them at the same time. The Canadian man recently set his fourth world record for the Beer Mile, which requires runners to down a beer each of the four laps around the track.

Bellemore is unstoppable in this race. He recently ran the race in an astonishing 4:28, according to Men’s Health. That’s a great time for anyone, much less someone with belching up the 48 ounces of beer sloshing around in their gut.

“I knew the potential was there, and I’m finally happy to go sub-4:30,” he said. “There’s still room for improvement, but overall, good quality field, everyone ran really fast, so it was an awesome day.”

The Beer Mile goes about as well as you’d expect. There are runners that puke — an instant disqualification. Some just dry heave. But no one gets out of this unscathed outside of Bellemore who is a machine that runs on pain.

Men’s Health estimates that Bellemore only needs about seven seconds to down a bottle of Flying Monkey beer, which is his beer sponsor.

And make no mistake, this is not easy. Olympians struggle to finish the race at all.

Two-time American Olympics runner Nick Symmonds trained for the Beer Mile and posted his attempt at the race on his YouTube channel.

“The alcohol doesn’t hit you,” Symmonds says in the video. “We’re only running for somewhere between eight or 10 minutes. You don’t have enough time for the alcohol to make you feel drunk. You just have a ton of adrenaline and a lot of cramping in your stomach.”

Bellemore Actually Ran The Beer Mile Faster Before

The Beer Mile began unofficially in 1989 on a boozy night in Ontario, Canada, according to Runners World. Since then, it’s grown into a national organization with hundreds of competitors who try their hands — and stomachs — at the race every year. There’s even a podcast dedicated to the race.

But no one is as prolific as Corey Bellemore. He dominates every Beer Mile he runs in. He continues to break his record year after year. And in 2018, he set a mark that even he hasn’t touched since. That year, he ran the mile in 4:24 seconds, four seconds faster than the world record he set on Oct. 23. But he was disqualified after he didn’t completely finish one of his beers, according to BroBible.

He bounced back the following year, though.

When not running and chugging beers, Bellemore is just running. The 1,500-meter runner reps Adidas and hopes to run for Canada in the Olympics someday, he told Running Magazine. He estimates he runs about 85 miles a week, and he’s always working on his time and technique. Though, he told Men’s Health that he doesn’t think he can drink a beer any faster than he already does.