Canadian Truckers Speak Out About Goal of Freedom Convoy: ‘The People Want Change’

by TK Sanders

Despite losing millions of dollars in funding last week after the government intervened with crowdfunding site GoFundMe, the Canadian trucker protest continues, shining on an international spotlight on federal vaccine mandates and their legality.

Truckers from all over the country parked their rigs all along the highways outside of Ottawa, the nation’s capital city, about two weeks ago. Since then, they have been surveilled, ticketed, and criticized over their beliefs by factions of Canadians who support the government’s federal vaccine mandates. Much of the international mainstream press dares not cover the protest, either, for fear of taking a public side in the fierce debate. And yet, the truckers say they will continue the protest for freedom until the government will follow suit with Europe and roll back vaccine mandates.

Many truckers were have remained parked in the same places since the weekend in below freezing temperatures. They honk their horns and rev their engines in solidarity. Any trucker strike in any developed country matters because the economy depends so heavily on the logistical transportation of goods. When truckers shut down en masse, so does the economy.

Some of the truckers are finally getting the chance to speak out thanks to the freedom protest gaining momentum

“We’re all brothers in this together, and we’re here for one cause. And that’s the fight for the freedoms of Canadians and for Canada itself,” one trucker, Andrew, told Fox News

Another trucker, Travis, who has been parked downtown since Jan. 29, said: “The people want change. They feel that we are their last hope because nobody else is listening. We’re listening and we are here.”

“Give people their freedom back. Give people their lives back. And give people their choices back. We want freedom, we want our Canada back,” Travis continued.

Mat, who has parked outside the Parliament building, said he is participating for Canada’s freedom. “Whatever it is that you decide to do, [fine]. We’re not anti-vax. We’re not anti-anything other than anti-mandate … The message is freedom for every Canadian,” Mat said.

“We’re in for the long haul, and we’re here until we achieve the goal. And that is to have our voices heard, number one. And number two, to have the freedoms restored that the citizens of this nation deserve,” Mat continued. 

Yet another trucker, Eric, said: “Until we get the confidence that our government has heard us and is willing to make changes for the people, we’re not leaving, we’re not going anywhere. That’s why I’m here. And we’re here for freedom, for what’s right for the people, not what’s right for the government.”