Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks in Atlantic Days After Catching Fire

by Samantha Whidden

Days after the cargo ship carrying thousands of luxury cars officially stopped burning, the vessel has officially sunk in the Atlantic.

According to the Associated Press, the cargo ship, known as the Felicity Ace, sank about 250 miles off Portugal’s Azores Island as it was being towed. MOL Ship Management in Singapore confirmed the sinking. A salvage team put out the fire prior to the ship’s descent into the ocean. 

The 200-meter-long (650-foot-long) cargo ship listed to starboard before going under. The Portuguese Navy also confirm the ship’s sinking. The military branch states that the event occurred outside the country’s waters. A Portuguese Air Force helicopter managed to evacuate the 22 crew members when the fire first broke out last month. 

As previously reported, the cargo ship fire has damages that exceed an estimated $335 million. Among the vehicles onboard the ship were cars from Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, and Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen Group of America spoke about the cargo ship situation. “We fear that the fire on the ship has damaged a number of the nearly 4,000 Group-branded vehicles. To such an extent that they can no longer be delivered to customers. More detailed information is not yet available. Brands and dealers have already begun informing their customers. And finding individual solutions.”

The Associated Press also reports that European carmakers have declined to reveal just how many vehicles and what models are on the cargo ship. However, Porsche did contact customers in the U.S. about the situation. Angus Fitton, Vice President of PR at Porsche Cars North America spoke about the situation. “We are already working to replace every car affected by this incident.”

A Portuguese Air Force plane and Navy vessel are remaining at the scene to observe any pollution that may occur from the cargo ship.

Volkswagen Did Confirm That Some ID.4 Electric SUVs were Lost During the Cargo Ship Fire

Electrek reports that car manufacturer Volkswagen has confirmed that some ID.4 electric SUVs have been lost in the cargo ship fire. In a recent email from the company, Volkswagen shares with customers, “Last weeks. Third-part cargo ship transporting vehicles to the United States was unable to complete its voyage. [This is] due to an incident on board. Most importantly all crew members were safe. However, the ID.4 that you ordered was on this ship.”

Volkswagen also writes, “Getting you an ID.4 remains a top priority for us. We have already revised our production plan to put you at the front of the queue to receive a Model Year 2022 ID.4. Which matches the configuration in your reservation.”

Electrek notes that Volkswagen is planning to start ID.4 production in the U.S. in 2022 at its plant in Tennessee.