Cargo Ship With 5,800 Cattle Goes Missing In Typhoon

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Handout / Handout/ Getty Images)

A cargo ship carrying 43 crew members and 5,800 cattle has capsized in the East China Sea. The boat was suffering from engine trouble during a powerful storm before it went down.

Sareno Edvardo, the chief officer from the Philippines onboard The Gulf Livestock 1, said a large wave hit the boat that tilted it to the right, which eventually capsized the ship. The engine failed, leading to the vessel being stranded in the middle of a massive storm. 

Edvardo grabbed a life jacket and jumped into the water to await rescue. The coast guard found him floating in the water and rescued him. 

The East China Sea is being hit by Typhoon Maysak that will make landfall in South Korea today. This is the typhoon that is related to the ship’s disappearance. Next week, the area will be hit with another likely storm, Typhoon Haishen.

Last Known Location of the Ship

The boat transporting cattle from New Zealand to China went down about 115 miles west of Japan’s Amami Island. Officials last heard the distress call from this location.

According to the shipping data from The Gulf Livestock 1, the last signal for help on its position was made at 11:35 a.m. on September 1.

The coast guard has deployed three patrol vessels and five planes for the search. The remaining 38 crew members that have been considered missing. Two of the missing crew are from Australia, two are from New Zealand, while the rest are from the Philippines.

A rubber boat has been located in the water. The Japanese coast guard has not confirmed yet if it belongs to the missing ship. 

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