Carrie Underwood Admits Why She is so Afraid of Turtles

by Halle Ames

We understand that some people have fears of snakes or spiders or heights, but this one is new. Carrie Underwood reveals that she is afraid of turtles. Hasn’t she ever seen Finding Nemo?

Now, we aren’t here to judge, but of all animals, turtles seem relatively docile, besides the snapping ones. However, the country singer joined the Drew Barrymore Show to reveal what sparked this phobia.

“I mean, it’s not a, like, you know, petrifying fear of turtles. I feel like out of all the animals on the planet, they’re the ones who have bit me the most. Very strange.”

So we have come to the conclusion that Carrie Underwood is not hanging around sea turtles of cute little pet turtles. It’s all coming together now.

The 37-year-old artist credits her love for animals and her hometown in Muskogee, Oklahoma, for being in the turtle biting situations.

“I grew up in the country. Turtles were the easiest things to catch because they’re slow, and I would catch them, and I love animals so much that I feel like I would always try to pet them or hug them, and that led to them taking opportunities. I’ve been bitten by lots of turtles. It does not feel good.”

Tell Us More About the Turtles that Bit Carrie Underwood

According to Biological Diversity, around 98 percent of all the turtles commercially collected in the Sooner State come from four species. These species include the smooth and spiny softshell turtles, the red-eared sliders, and the dreaded snapping turtle—our culprit.

The Oklahoma Wildlife Department says that the snappers can be easily distinguished due to their large, usually spiny bodies that cannot retract into their shell. While the animals can grow up to 70 pounds as adults, they typically average around 35 pounds.

We assume Carrie Underwood wasn’t trying to cuddle up with one of these monsters, or she might be missing fingers. The fear is now justified.