Casey Anthony Speaks Out About Why She ‘Lied’ in Immediate Aftermath of Her Daughter’s Death

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Pool / Pool

A new trailer for Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies finds Casey Anthony revealing some significant truths. In the trailer, Anthony reveals why she lied following the tragic death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. She died over a decade ago in 2008. 

While Anthony continues to deny having any part in her daughter’s passing, she admits she intentionally lied to investigators. “I lied, but no one asked why,” she says in the documentary. 

In 2011, a judge acquitted the Ohio native of her daughter’s murder in her trial. However, she was later found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to officers. 

Since she had been previously arrested in 2008 and held without bond, a judge credited her for time served. The judge released her from jail just one week later.

Many have long argued that because Anthony lied during the investigation, she’s somehow involved in her daughter’s murder. However, it seems Anthony has a different story. She will now get to tell her side of the story during Peacock’s new documentary Where The Truth Lies, which premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 29.

In addition, this documentary will be Anthony’s inaugural on-camera appearance since 2011. In the new trailer, she’s asked what questions Anthony expects to be asked. 

She says she expects to be asked why she waited so long to call 9-1-1 dispatchers after her daughter went missing and why she lied to police in the early stages of their investigation. 

Casey Anthony tells all in new Peacock documentary, set to double down on father’s involvement

Now, it sounds like she plans on elaborating on why she made these questionable decisions at the beginning stages of the investigation. After Caylee’s murder broke, the case became an overnight sensation, partly thanks to the theory that Anthony had gruesomely murdered her own 2-year-old daughter to escape motherhood. 

At the time of her murder, Anthony was 22 and living with her parents. During her trial, Anthony and her attorney shocked the world further by alleging that Anthony had been sexually abused by her father, George Anthony. She also claimed her father had abused Caylee as well.

A previous report indicates that this new Peacock documentary will keep to that story but add further details to her claims. Anthony alleges her father killed Caylee and manipulated her into assisting him in covering it up. 

“During the 31 days, I genuinely believed that Caylee was still alive,” she said. “My father kept telling me she was ok. I had to keep following his instructions. He told me what to do. I tried to act as normal as I could.”

However, George Anthony has long denied these allegations over the years and has not made any public comments on this new documentary. Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 29, on Peacock.