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Casey Kasem’s Daughter Exploring Shocking Circumstances of His Controversial Death in New Podcast, Hopes to ‘Ruffle Some Feathers’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Michael Bezjian/WireImage)

Casey Kasem’s daughter is speaking out about her father’s final years, including his controversial death, during a new podcast series. 

While it’s been seven years since the legendary DJ died, but his daughter Kerri is still furious with Kasem’s widow, Jean, and what she claims happened during her father’s final years.

In the new Audible podcast, titled “Bitter Blood: Kasem vs. Kasem,” the hosts give listeners exclusive insight into the events preceding the radio host’s passing and the wrongful death lawsuit filed against his widow by his three children and brother. 

According to Deadline, the podcast will utilize never-before-seen evidence and testimony prepared for the upcoming trial. 

The late star’s daughter, Keri, will serve as the podcast’s executive producer. The series will also be narrated by family friend Martin Kove and include interviews from close pal Mike Curb and Ryan Seacrest

“I wanted the doctors, the nurses, the caretakers and my father’s friends who knew what was going on to share their perspective,” Kerri said in a recent interview. “I wanted to get this story out there. And this is closure for me. I don’t want to make this my whole life. People have heard my voice for seven years. But the silver lining is that I have helped so many people in the same situation.”

In 2019, Kasem’s family members settled lawsuits alleging that the longtime radio host and voice actor’s widow mistreated him before he died in 2014. 

The wrongful death lawsuit accused Jean, who was married to Kasem for over thirty years, of abuse. It also accused her of inflicting emotional pain on his children by limiting their access to their father. 

New Podcast Details Casey Kasem’s Final Years, Alleged Elder Abuse Case

Jean, known for her roles in “Cheers” and Ghostbusters, denied all of the claims. She countersued. She said that his children were only motivated to take her to court for money because Kasem cut them off financially in 2012. 

After the two sides fought over control of his medical care, police and prosecutors investigated and found no evidence of any wrongdoing.

However, Kerri is insisting that the turmoil with Jean began long before her father passed away. 

“We felt that if my dad ever got sick, we would never see him again,” she said.. “We knew she would keep him from us because she tried that during her entire marriage… She called us ‘the old family’ whereas she was ‘the new family.’ It was a divide that she created. She could have had a family who loved her, but she didn’t want that.”

Jean has yet to comment. However, in 2019, the actress told Fox News that Kerri’s attempt to honor her father is far from noble. In response, Kerri denied the allegations and said “every single year, Jean Kasem’s story changes.”