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Casey White Manhunt: Man Who Discovered Escaped Alabama Inmate and Ex-Officer Speaks Out

by Jonathan Howard
Getty Images

The news came out just a couple of hours ago that the Casey White manhunt is over. Casey and his accomplice Vicky are in custody. Casey was awaiting trial on a capital murder charge when he was smuggled out by the former jailer. Now, the man who tipped off the U.S. Marshals and other officials has spoken out about what he saw and how it came to happen.

Casey White Manhunt Ends in Evansville, Indiana

  • Casey and Vicky White, no relation, were found in Evansville, IN after a tip from a car wash manager
  • They had stolen a black Ford F-150 in Tennessee before making their way up into the Hoosier State
  • After a car chase the fugitive duo wrecked the vehicle and Vicky suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound
  • Casey was arrested while Vicky was placed under custody and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment

Already, so quickly, we have word from the man who tipped off law enforcement. If it wasn’t for this helpful tip, there is no telling how long the Casey White manhunt would have gone on. The two involved had a detailed plan that they were executing fairly well up until they were caught.

James Stinson detailed his experience to NewsNation.

“How it went down, I noticed a car hanging out of the bay, which is unusual. It kept sitting there, this was on the third, on Tuesday. Every time I leave the truck still been there, go back, it’s still there. The next morning I get up at 6 o’clock to take my granddaughter to school, it’s still there. … I get back, it’s 7:30 the truck is still there. I walk up to the truck and I think, oh my god this is probably this guy from Alabama. So, I walk up and look in the truck, because I think he could be dead, passed out, who knows.”

After police were called to investigate the scene, there wasn’t much to go off of. The truck wasn’t reported stolen and all that could be seen in plain sight was a gun lock. Hardly reasonable suspicion, let alone probable cause. So, the officer told the car wash manager to do what he had to do. The truck was towed.

U.S. Marshals Sped to Evansville

He went to look at the video after the U.S. Marshal service contacted him about the towed truck. Apparently, they had an interest in it. Stinson went and looked back at the security camera footage and that’s when he saw it. The couple was there on his cameras, and the Marshals were on their way to Evansville.

The incident would end in a car chase. Casey was soon arrested once he flipped the vehicle they were driving. Vicky inflicted a gunshot wound to herself while law enforcement held back and didn’t fire a single shot. The manhunt for Casey White is finally over.