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Check Out NASA’s ‘Picture Postcard’ From a Martian Mountain

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Curiosity rover is celebrating a massive anniversary and what better way is there for NASA to celebrate than to share an iconic postcard from space with the world.

The rover is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its arrival on Mars back in 2011. Now Earthlings get to see a couple of images from the Red Planet’s Mount Sharp courtesy of the NASA Curiosity rover.

Photos from Mars Curiosity Rover

These photos show a jaw-dropping view of Mars like few we have seen before. The rover captures black-and-white footage in a 360-degree view. In order to capture the pure beauty of the panoramic view, the team decided to combine two versions of these images from different times of the day. They then added color as well to make it that much more real.

The result is a “Wish you were here!” message like never before. The rover is quite familiar with Mount Sharp, which it drives up the three miles to the top frequently.

According to Daily Mail, the team also released a statement with the remarkable composite they shared with outer space enthusiasts. It says, “Many of the rover’s most stunning panoramas are from the color Mastcam instrument, which has far higher resolution than the navigation cameras. That’s why the team added colors of their own to this latest image”

The mission is led by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Current Mars Perserverance Rover

Meanwhile, also on Mars, the Perseverance rover has also been on the planet since October 25.

The rover is roaming the South Séítah region of the Jezero Crater hoping to find signs of extraterrestrial life. In addition, Perseverance is also gathering any microbial life samples for scientists to try to piece together a complete history and understanding of Mars’ climate.

According to The Independent, this crater was also once where a river delta flowed, which adds to the evidence that life on Mars was once a very real reality. If you want to keep up with the Mars rover, you can check out its official Twitter account.

Recently, the rover posted about looking into the craters’ many-layered rocks.

“Peering inside to look at something no one’s ever seen. I’ve abraded a small patch of this rock to remove the surface layer and get a look underneath. Zeroing in on my next target for #SamplingMars,” the post stated.

While both of these rovers are excellent ways to gather information and science related to Mars, it’s also a way for people to really see and celebrate the beauty of other planets.

The Perseverance rover also shared a shot of an eery Mars sunset on Twitter. It was accompanied by the powerful caption, “Take a moment to marvel at this: I captured my first view of a Martian sunset with my Mastcam-Z. It’s easy to be go-go-go all the time, but it’s also important to look up.”