Chevy Has a Secretive Electric Vehicle in Development: Report

by Victoria Santiago

GM has several electric vehicles in the works. One Chevy model will reportedly be much cheaper than other electric vehicles from the automaker. General Motors is planning to sell hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles every year by 2025 at the latest.

Overall, most of the electric vehicles that GM will be offering are relatively cheap, but there are some expensive options as well. For example, showrooms are currently showcasing the GMC Hummer EV, which sells for $112,495. Of course, the Chevy EV options are typically more reasonably priced. Right now, the automaker is gearing up with the $39,900 Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup and the $30,000 Chevrolet Equinox compact SUV. Both of these EV models will be on sale sometime next year.

Chevy’s Secret EV Aims to Be Even Cheaper Than the Equinox

During a recent earnings call, the CEO of General Motors hinted at something even better in the works at Chevy. She didn’t give much detail on what exactly the automaker is planning. However, we know that it’s supposed to be marketed more towards everyday people looking for affordable sustainability.

“Affordable EVs aren’t part of the market that start-ups aren’t targeting, but they are key to driving mass adoption of EVs, which is a national and a global priority,” according to Barra. “That’s why we plan to follow the Equinox with an even more affordable EV.” She also hinted that the secret EV would be a hit with another facet of the market. Once again, she didn’t elaborate.

Chevy has already been offering some EV models. However, their framework is outdated. For example, the automaker offers the Bolt EUV. The electric SUV hits a lot of markets but costs $34,495. In addition to that, the system that the Bolt EUV is built on is being replaced. This new system, the Ultium system, will be used by GM on all of their EVs going forward, including the heavily-anticipated Chevy Equinox.

GM Animations Might Hint At This Secretive EV

General Motors has released some secretive shots of cars that will be able to use the Ultium system. One of those outlines looks like the Bolt EUV. Maybe Chevy is working on updating the car and making it cheaper.

One of the other outlines shown by GM looks a lot like the ever-popular Camaro. This wouldn’t be much of a surprise, but it would probably be widely accepted by fans of the car and consumers in general. This could very well be the secretive car that Chevy is working on. After all, the starting price for a Camaro is $26,195.

It might not be what first comes to mind, but the Camaro works. The car does hit a very specific part of the industry and has been a staple for years. The Camaro’s reputation as being affordable and high performance would translate well for an EV. We’ll have to wait and see what else Chevy has to say about this secret EV.