Chevy Silverado EV: Take a Look at GM’s Answer to the Ford F-150 Lightning

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

With the biggest car companies throwing their hats into the ring with electric vehicles, it was only a matter of time before General Motors (GM) did the same. The company just revealed the Chevy Silverado EV, the electric version of one of their best-selling trucks, and an answer to Ford‘s F-150 Lightning.

The Verge shared GM CEO Mary Barra’s announcement unveiling Chevy’s response to Ford’s electric pickup. The Silverado EV is GM’s second electric truck, with the GMC Hummer EV being the first last year. The electric truck will serve as one of the company’s flagship vehicles for its electric vehicle push. Its slated to come out in late 2023. Phil LeBeau from CNBC and Chad Kirchner on Twitter both tweeted pics of the truck, seen below.

At launch, two versions of the truck will be available. One is an RST First Edition. The other is a fleet-oriented Work Truck (WT) model. Both will get more than 400 miles of range on a full charge (though the Environmental Protection Agency needs to certify that claim). The base version is slated to cost $39,900, while the RST First Edition will sell for $105,00.

As far as speed is concerned, the electric Silverado sports a sprint of 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. This makes it quicker than the Cybertruck and about equal to Ford’s F-150 Lightning. The RST version features 485kW of total power (about 66) horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque, so it’s got some power.

Michelle Krebs, executive analyst at Cox Automotive said in an email the electric rivalry between Ford and GM will be an interesting one. “They are huge sellers and profit-generators for their parent companies. Now they come to market with EV versions. Ford may have a leg up since it is coming to market first. We’ll see.”

Ford Beats Tesla in a Huge Way in 2021

Ford is doing well in the electric vehicle game but still faces a mighty opponent in Tesla. Nevertheless, the former beat Tesla in a huge way in 2021, which may mark a big turning point for its electric vehicles.

News Chant reports Ford Motor’s stock increased by a whopping 140% this year, beating out Tesla. Analysts attribute much of this success to Jim Farley. He is the man now in charge of the company, and his focus on electric vehicles. “We’re executing our plan and we’ll continue to do that so every business in our portfolio has a sustainable future. If not, we will restructure it,” Farley stated about the company’s plans.

Tesla had a rough year in 2021, with incidents of their cars exploding and the self-driving feature causing accidents. With Ford picking up momentum and investing heavily into electric vehicles, it’s possible they may surpass Tesla at its own game.