‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Who Brett Dalton Will Be Playing on the Show

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” has undergone some pretty intense changes, rescues, and drama throughout this latest season’s episodes. Now, we prepare for yet another new episode of the hit NBC show. Although, this Wednesday sees the addition of brand new cast member, actor Brett Dalton. Dalton, who plays Matt Casey’s temporary replacement as Lieutenant Jason Pelham, surely faces some backlash as he joins the tightly-knit crew.

Interestingly, TVLine reports Dalton has joined the cast as a recurring character. So know that you won’t see the end of Dalton’s role this week, or likely any time soon. However, this week’s episode synopsis pointedly highlights that Pelham only serves as Casey’s temporary replacement.

Nevertheless, thanks to the ever-dependable One Chicago Center, we are able to provide Outsiders a little insight as to what to expect from our newest Lieutenant. Longtime fans hope to see Stella as one of our new leads on “Chicago Fire” following Casey’s departure. However, the outlet highlighted that, as tends to be the case when it comes to positions of authority, we’re likely to see some kind of tension. Most likely, those sentiments arise between Lieutenant Stella Kidd and the assumedly more experienced Jason Pelham.

Additionally, the synopsis for the episode highlights major discordance between Pelham and one of “Chicago Fire’s” young members, Blake Gallo. So, Stella hopefully soon returns from her trip to Boston. It appears “Chicago Fire” fans may be in for some pretty heavy tension this week.

Will the ‘Chicago Fire’ Family Adjust to the Temporary Lieutenant?

As we’ve seen in previous seasons of “Chicago Fire,” our tight-knit group of first responders functions much like a family. And as we’ve also seen before, it takes a while for that family to adopt new members. Nevertheless, “Chicago Fire” has pulled through before, especially in the cases of our younger first responders. These include Gallo, Ritter, and junior paramedic, Violet.

Eventually, through some method or another, the inner core of “Chicago Fire” adopted those young souls into the family. Since then, one, in particular, has become very protective of that family, and that’s none other than Blake Gallo.

As a brief summary, Gallo lost his little sister in a fire when he was a child. At the time, he made desperate attempts to save her. The little girl sadly perished, but a brave fireman pulled young Gallo from his burning home. Since then, he’s aspired to be the best fireman he can be. He’s always seen pushing himself to take care of others, both his “Chicago Fire” family and the citizens of Chicago.

Therefore, because Matt Casey was the one who took Gallo under his wing and taught him how to truly be a fireman, the younger firefighter remains ever-loyal to his Captain. As such, it explains why Pelham could potentially have a difficult time joining the “Chicago Fire” family.

After all, actor David Eigenberg, who plays Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann on the hit show, previously said, “We’re all like family. It’s been nearly 10 years that we’ve been working on the show, and we’ve developed a friendship over the years.” So while Eigenberg and his fellow cast members may easily adjust to the addition of Brett Dalton, it’s likely the group of first responders will exhibit rather negative reactions to the news.