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Chicago Man Sues Buffalo Wild Wings Over Boneless Wings ‘False’ Advertisement

by Samantha Whidden
Buffalo Wild Wings
(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

A Chicago man is reportedly suing Buffalo Wild Wings after he believed the restaurant chain used false advertisement for its boneless wings. 

According to TMZ, the Chicago man, Aimen Halim filed a class action lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings. He accused the restaurant chain of fooling customers into believing they were eating wing meat when they ordered boneless wings. However, Halim says in the suit’s documents that the meat is essentially chicken nuggets. He also claims that the boneless wings are not deep-fried, but are slices of breast meat deep-fried like wings. The man stated he fell victim to the advertisement calling it “deceptive marketing.” 

Along with taste and transparency issues, Halim accused the company of misleading customers to sell cheaper products. He further stated that the company is known for “engaging in false advertising.” 

Meanwhile, Halim then stated that other restaurants that sell boneless wings are careful not to market the menu item as being wings. He is also upset that Buffalo Wild Wings does not mention in fine print on the menu that the boneless wings are actually chicken breast instead of wings. 

Halim is seeking damages, injunctive relief, restitution, and declaratory relief in the lawsuit. Buffalo Wild Wings hasn’t released a statement about the situation.

Man Suing Buffalo Wild Wings Reveals When He Decided to File the Lawsuit 

In the court documents, Halim stated that he first decided to sue Buffalo Wild Wings in January 2023. He had purchased boneless wings from the establishment in Mount Prospect, Illinois. He stated that based on the menu item’s description, he thought it would be actual wings that were deboned. 

“Had Mr. Halim known that the Products are not chicken wings, he would not have purchased them,” the lawsuit reads. “Or would have paid significantly less for them. As a result, Mr. Halim suffered a financial injury as a result of Defendants’ false and deceptive conduct.”

Halim further explained despite the misrepresentations from the food chain, he would purchase the menu item. That was if it was actually deboned wings. “Absent an injunction of Defendants’ deceptive advertising, Plaintiff will be unable to rely with confidence on Defendants’ advertising of the Products in the future. Furthermore, while Plaintiff currently believes the marketing and advertising of the Products are inaccurate, he lacks personal knowledge as to Defendants’ specific business practices, and thus, he will not be able [to] determine whether the Products are actually made of chicken wing meat.”

Halim went on to accuse the chain of knowing that the boneless wings are falsely and descriptively marketed and advertised. “Moreover, Defendants knew or should have known that Plaintiff and other consumers, in purchasing the Products, would rely on its representations of the Products and be deceived.”