‘Chicago P.D.’: One Actor Loves to Do Own Stunts, But Says Network Shuts Him Down

by Jacklyn Krol
Timothy Hiatt, Getty Images

One Chicago PD star wants to do all of the stunt work himself, but can’t get the green light from NBC.

Jesse Lee Soffer revealed to DuJour Magazine about his time on the show and how much he enjoys stunts.

“I would pretty much do anything as long as they let me. If someone was like, ‘We’re doing a car chase, you’re gonna flip a car,’ I would do it. But there’s no way we would really do that, so it’s kind of up to the network and the producers as far as safety goes,” he explained.

Although he can’t complete every stunt without a trained professional, he has a unique outlook on the process.

“I always say that we’re like a pro sports team, there’s always somebody in the infirmary, somebody who got banged up, someone is like getting an MRI or getting over a sprained knee. We have such an action-packed show that someone is always getting a boo-boo,” Soffer shared.

Although most stunts were done by trained professionals, he has gotten the opportunity to showcase his skills. He was able to use real live ammunition in a scene. His character was blowing the hinges off of a door by using a shotgun. The SWAT team on site saw him rehearse and let him do it for the film take.

‘Chicago PD’ Season 9 Details

Chicago PD will return on September 22 for its ninth season. It will also be celebrating its historic 200th episode. The series will premiere at 10 PM ET, following the season premieres of Chicago Med and Chicago Fire, part of NBC’s One Chicago Wednesdays. Both Chicago Fire and PD will pick up where the finales left off, no time jumps this time! The series has once again been reported to do another crossover episode this season.

Fans can catch up on Season 8 or refresh themselves by streaming the show on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and Hulu.

Although we found Officer Kim Burgess being kidnapped, held captive, then rescued. She was being taken to Chicago Med where she was recovering. Thankfully, fans discovered that she does survive and will return for this season, all thanks to the cast’s social media posts.

Nicole Ari Parker, who portrays Samantha Miller, will be returning despite her son’s death. Fans speculated that the theme of police reform will continue as she grapples with his loss.

Remember Denny Woods from Season 5? The actor, Mykelti Williamson, will be returning to the One Chicago franchise. He will be returning, but not on the small screen. Williamson will be directing an episode of Chicago Med for this season. He previously directed two episodes of the series in Season 6 and one in Season 5. In addition, he directed three episodes of Chicago PD.