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Chick-Fil-A Makes Exciting New Addition to Seasonal Nationwide Menu

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

Chick-fil-A is trying to stay at the top of the fast-food world. So, they are welcoming a new item to their spring menu. The fast-food chain is coming out with a new salad.

On Thursday, April 22, the fast-food company announced that a Lemon Kale Caesar Salad is being added to the menu. In a press release from Chick-fil-A, the company said that the new salad will be available nationwide on Monday, April 26.

However, there is a big caveat for the new menu item. The Lemon Kale Caesar Salad will only be available for a limited time. As the salad is a seasonal dish, it will eventually be rotated out for another seasonal entree.

Nonetheless, the addition is something that the company is proud of. In Chick-fil-A’s statement about the new food, they called the salad a “refreshing take on the traditional Caesar salad.”

So, what separates this salad from a traditional Caesar salad? To starter, the base of the salad includes both kale and romaine lettuce, which immediately sets it apart from a normal Caesar salad.

Then, the new Chick-fil-A salad will feature grilled chicken, shaved parmesan cheese, and lemon wedges. In the fast-food restaurant’s statement, the company also said that salad comes with Lemon Caesar Vinaigrette dressing and Lemon Parmesan Panko as a topping.

Chick-Fil-A Bringing a Kale Caesar Salad to the Fast-Food Restaurant’s Menu

Even though this salad will be new to the menu in a few days, the salad has been in the works for a long time. In 2017, Kaitlin Miller, a menu category leader for the fast-food chain, said that the salad was tested. She also noted that the Lemon Kale Caesar Salad received “great feedback” during its trial.

But, Chick-fil-A had added a salad entree to the menu in 2016. So, the company held off putting another salad entree in the menu rotation. Miller explained why the company is adding the salad to the menu now.

“The Lemon Kale Caesar Salad is one of the new items we’re adding to the menu in 2021 to offer our guests more variety,” Kaitlin Miller added. “It’s a delicious lower calorie salad option for those who enjoy a traditional Caesar Salad and those looking to try something new.”

This Lemon Kale Caesar Salad will be the first salad entree on the menu to be served with chicken. The chain is expecting the salad to do well.

“We wanted to create a modern version of a Caesar salad with a refreshing twist,” Chick-fil-A’s chef, Christy Cook, said. “And we also wanted a salad that would spotlight our warm Grilled Nuggets.”

Also of note, Chick-fil-A is giving one of their signature drinks a new name. On Monday, as well, the fast-food restaurant will call their lemonade sweetened iced tea drink the Chick-fil-A Sunjoy. The drink can be enjoyed with diet lemonade and diet sweetened ice tea too.