Chick-Fil-A Voted as America’s Favorite Fast Food Chain for 7th Year in a Row

by Halle Ames

For the seventh year in a row, Americans have voted Chick-fil-A as their favorite fast-food chain. Chicken sandwich, anyone? 

For the last seven years, Chick-fil-A has earned the top spot in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) in the limited-service category, which means fast-food restaurants, reports Fox News. 

The ACSI has a few different things that they take into account before naming the fast-food champion. The index measures cleanliness, mobile app reliability, quality, staff helpfulness, customer satisfaction, and more. 

Chick-fil-A Reigns Supreme

In a press release from the ACSI on June 29, even though Chick-fil-A’s customer satisfaction score dropped by a whole percentage point, the fast-food brand was able to hold the number one spot for seven years running. They earned a score of 83 in 2020. The news source notes that the fast-food industry has a customer service standard rating of 78. 

Other top spots besides Chick-fil-A include Domino’s as the superior pizza restaurant with a score of 80. Furthermore, KFC and Starbucks both tied for number three with a 79 rating. Panera Bread and Pizza Hut earned a 78. New to the list was Five Guys burger joint, who also made the five spot with a score of 78.

On the other hand, Subway saw a five percent decrease in customer satisfaction, bringing their total to 75. The sandwich chain, known for its $5 foot-longs, was near the bottom of the list. 

Similarly, four chains slipped to a score of 77. They include Arby’s, which is down three percent, Chipotle Mexican Grill, which dropped four percent, Dunkin’, which slipped down three percent, and Papa John’s, which is down one percent. McDonald’s is at the bottom of the list with a score of 70. 

Smaller Full-Service Restaurants Ranking

However, smaller full-service restaurants saw an exciting tie between three food powerhouses. Last year’s industry leader, LongHorn Steakhouse, fell one percent. The falls landed them into a three-way tie for second place with Olive Garden, which is up one percent, and Texas Roadhouse at 80.

Next, the ACSI reports that Cracker Barrel, Outback Steakhouse, and Red Robins scored a 78. At the same time, the Cheesecake Factory, Applebee’s, Chili’s, Red Lobster, and TGI Fridays all tied with a 77. IHOP remains in the last place position. 

One cannot deny the quality and overall customer treatment at Chick-fil-A as one of the best in the industry. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, said that the brand “should be about more than just selling chicken. We should be a part of our customers’ lives and the communities in which we serve.”

The ACSI Restaurant Study 2020-2021 is based on interviews with 19,423 customers chosen at random and contacted via email between April 1, 2020, and March 29, 2021.