Chiefs WR Calls for Help for Antonio Brown: ‘CTE is Real’

by Jonathan Howard

In the midst of the Antonio Brown saga, there has been a lot said. Daurice Fountain, wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs has spoken out now.

Fountain is on the Chiefs practice squad but as a professional receiver understands what goes into the game. The sacrifices one has to make. Including the very real risk of CTE and all that it may include. Somewhat echoing the words from Tom Brady following the incident, Fountain is asking folks to have some understanding.

It can be easy to view professional athletes as different. They are the closest thing we have in real life to superheroes. Fountain wants folks to stop making jokes about Brown and instead try to give him the “help he needs.” Check out the tweet below.

“To all the people making fun of the AB situation is made lame,” Fountain tweeted. “Mental illness & CTE is REAL and unfortunately it’s a real reality for a lot of us in this business. Instead of making fun of him and chasing clout, let’s figure out a way to give him the HELP he needs.”

Antonio Brown has not been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known as CTE. Unfortunately, the disease can only be diagnosed once a patient has passed away. So, for those living with the disease, there are no easy answers.

There have been problems bubbling up for a while. Not just with Brown and Tampa Bay. There are past incidents with the Steelers, the Patriots, the Raiders, and now the Buccaneers. By some reports, there was a bad relationship there already. The game and what happened yesterday just pushed all of that over the edge, it seems.

Tom Brady Says to Be ‘Compassionate’, ‘Empathetic’ Towards Antonio Brown

When it comes to sports, folks can lose their minds over things. Like when a star receiver is a little troublesome. What we see on TV can be amplified and made worse for fans than it is for the players involved at times. Tom Brady wanted to remind everyone following Antonio Brown’s exit that he is a human.

“Again, I think the most important thing about football are the relationships with your friends and your teammates,” the QB said. “And they go beyond the field. I think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic towards some very difficult things that are happening.”

One thing is for certain, no one hates losing more than Brady. That is his receiver after all. Or, it was. Now, the Bucs have to make it without him. However, that doesn’t mean that the future Hall of Fame QB is going to kick Antonio Brown while he’s down. A very important message from Brady amid all of the drama and controversy.