Child Tax Credit: These Eight States Could Get an Extra $1000

by Shelby Scott

So far, the child tax credit disbursements we saw last year have not been renewed by our nation’s government. However, despite the fact, Americans in eight U.S. states could receive an extra $1,000 from the child tax credit regardless.

Vermont lawmakers have taken the lead in extending government-sponsored child tax credit disbursements into 2022. Tuesday saw representatives approve a $50 million tax cut package Tuesday. According to The U.S. Sun, the state’s latest decision will see an additional $1,200 awarded per child to families with dependents under age six.

State representative Emilie Kornheiser said during the meeting this week, “By passing the Vermont Child Tax Credit, we’re communicating clearly and unequivocally here that Vermont cares about its kids and families.”

The state marks one of nine U.S. states that have gone ahead with child tax credit payments of their own. As per the outlet, the remaining eight include California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, New York, and Oklahoma.

Kornheiser continued, in a rather incendiary manner, “this is the place where you can make it work.”

Meanwhile, parents and families in various other regions continue to see delays in receiving 2021’s final disbursement. Others experience difficulties with their Letter 6914. Many letters previously listed incorrect disbursement totals. For Outsiders who don’t know, the letter details total disbursements and applicable dependents qualified for the past year.

Regardless, applicable individuals within the above nine states need to be sure to file their tax returns to receive the extra funds.

Biden Administration Won’t Sponsor 2022 Child Tax Credit Disbursements

The widespread disbursement of the child tax credits helped in keeping many families from sinking to levels of poverty. An additional several hundred dollars each month put extra food on the table or served to increase American emergency funds.

However, Outsiders across the nation chose to utilize those additional funds, there’s no doubt they helped in some manner.

Now, heading into the second month of 2022, it seems unlikely we’ll see further child tax credit payments.

In December, White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, addressed potential disbursements for 2022. She said during a press conference that, had the additional payments seen approval, Americans might have received double payments in February.

“If we get it done in January,” she had explained, “we’ve talked to Treasury officials and others about doing double payments in February as an option.”

Nonetheless, families can still expect to see some of 2021’s remaining disbursements on their annual tax returns. Many can still claim up to $1,800, but there’s no doubt the discontinuance of the government-disbursed payments presents added issues.