Child Tax Credit Glitch Causes Mass Delays: How to Get Your Money

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for ParentsTogether)

The IRS continues to receive an onslaught of parental American rage as the monthly child tax credit payments see delays yet again. The latest delay reportedly comes from another glitch in IRS systems, with parents still not waiting on their monthly child tax credit payments from September.

The U.S. Sun reported, however, that the delays aren’t the only issues that parents across the country continue to face. Many also report receiving incorrect totals when their checks finally arrive. In frustration, many Americans have turned to social media, relating their issues with other inconvenienced parents and family members.

One North Carolina mom, Megan Lewis, stated she continues to wait on the child tax credit payment from September. She shared, “I know it’s only $300 a month, but for the people who need it most, it’s a game-changer.” Lewis additionally told CNBC, “I thought the point of the CTC was to get money into the hands of parents now.”

Her scathing comment comes as one of many published across social media. Mom Meredith Jones stated, “The child tax credit that hasn’t been distributed properly the last two months.”

She reported missing $200 in September and over $300 in October.

The outlet further stated the IRS has since sent out the delayed payments although parents continue to wait.

Child Tax Credits May Be Missing or Delayed for Several Reasons

Alongside the glitch that has seemingly plagued IRS systems recently, The U.S. Sun listed several other reasons parents might be experiencing delays.

Most commonly, both the outlet and the IRS have attributed the delays to any recent changes in parents’ banking information. It’s been cited as the major contributor to child tax credit delays.

However, other potential reasons for the delays could be because the IRS does not have an individual’s most recent mailing address. The outlet also stated paper checks might suffer delays as the hands of the U.S. Postal Service. Most severely, though, there could be a chance those individuals missing their payments could have suffered identity theft.

Regardless, the news outlet reported around 700,000 families did not receive their most recent payments.

For those missing payments, there are steps to take to potentially track down the child tax credit. To check the status, head to the Child Tax Credit Update Portal and check the Processed Payments Section. Individuals should double-check that the home address and banking information are correct.

Those parents logging into the portal for the first time will need both the IRS username and account information. Be sure to have a photo ID on hand as the portal requires it in efforts to prevent identity theft.

Hopefully, as we approach the final two months of the child tax credit payments, parents see deposits arrive both on time and in the correct amounts.