Chili’s Enters the Chicken Sandwich Wars, Tests Waters with New Creation

by Halle Ames

Chillliiiiii’s, baby back ribs… wait no. Chili’s chicken sandwich? A new contender had just entered the chicken sandwich wars.

Look out because Chili’s has entered the chat.

That’s right. Chili’s has debuted their own version of the chicken sandwich, which features a special ingredient. According to Yahoo Finance, My Chili’s Rewards members can grace their taste buds with the new sandwich coated in secret sauce.

The item is only available for a very limited time, so don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity. From June 1 until June 30, the chicken sandwich is featured on Chili’s exclusive three for $10 menu.

Starting today (June 1), members of the restaurant chain can sink their teeth into the sandwich, which features a piece of chicken that is “delectable, hand-battered, hand-breaded, and made-to-perfection.”

Don’t walk. Run!

In addition, the new Crabby Patty… we mean Chili’s chicken sandwich secret formula… we mean, special sauce is “so craveably addictive your taste buds are going to beg for more.”

Chili’s Describes the Savory Sandwich

Are you not convinced yet? Chili’s describes the delectable sandwich in vivid detail.

“Imagine biting into this: a buttered and toasted brioche bun, drizzled with our new Secret Sauce, topped with a tomato slice, an exceptional piece of juicy, crispy hand-battered and hand-breaded fried chicken breast drizzled with even more of our Secret Sauce, topped with lettuce and the other half of the buttered and toasted brioche bun. Of course, it’s served with fries too.”

If you weren’t hungry before, we bet you are now.

Michael Breed, the Vice President of Marketing at Chili’s, said they didn’t create the sandwich to come in second place. As Rickey Bobby once said, “if you ain’t first, you’re last.”

“We didn’t want to create just another chicken sandwich. We’re all about food perfection and wanted to create the best chicken sandwich. And that takes time,” said Breed. “We’ve been testing a chicken sandwich and our new Secret Sauce for over a year to ensure we give our Guests the perfect bite — a bite that’s full of flavor and makes you want another bite and another — and we’ve done just that with the Chili’s Chicken Sandwich.”

So what makes this chicken sandwich so special and better than all the others? Breed says it’s the secret sauce and the bang for your cluck… we mean buck.

The three for $10 deal lets hungry customers enjoy a non-alcoholic drink, appetizer, and entrée for just $10. What’s not to love?

But the real question is, how does it compare to the other chicken sandwich war contenders? You tell us.