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Chilling Footage Shows Massive Size of Midwest Tornadoes

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jason Weingart / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

On Friday night six states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee, were hit by extremely powerful tornadoes. As of now, officials are still struggling to come up with a complete death toll following the devastating destruction.

Now, there are communities in several cities and towns left grieving after that horrific night. There are several different relief efforts in place to help those affected. Kentucky, which seems to have gotten hit the worst, had “North of 70” people killed, according to The Washington Post.

Haunting Video of Midwest Tornado

It’s difficult to grasp just how terrible these tornadoes were throughout the Midwest and the South. However, a chilling video showed the size of one of these natural monstrosities.

The video is by Brett Adair in Hayti, Missouri. The center of the screen is the massive funnel cloud, lit up by flashes of lightning in the dark sky. Those flashes of light also reveal cars driving along extremely close to the tornado.

See the video here.

Of the tornadoes that touched down, there was one that did an absolutely devastating amount of damage. Governor Andy Beshear said that a tornado touched down for a total of 227 miles. This was more than 200 miles in just Kentucky.

According to CBS News, this tornado alone is suspected to have killed people in 10 different counties.

“Earlier this morning at about 5 a.m. we were pretty sure that we would lose over 50 Kentuckians, now certain that that number is north of 70. It may in fact end up exceeding 100 before the day is done. This will be, I believe, the deadliest tornado system to ever run through Kentucky,” Beshear said.

President Joe Biden signed an emergency declaration for Kentucky, which has allowed funding to immediately go to areas in need in the state. “We’re going to get through this together, and the federal government is not going to walk away,” President Biden said.

Deaths at Amazon Facility in Illinois

In Edwardsville, Illinois, several workers died inside of an Amazon warehouse when the storm caused the building to collapse.

As of now, police have identified six workers killed when the building collapsed. Those identified include Deandre S. Morrow, Kevin D., Clayton Lynn Cope, Etheria S. Hebb, and Larry E. Virden.

According to Reuters, another person who sadly passed away was an Amazon cargo driver named Austin J. McEwen. He passed away while trying to take shelter in a bathroom when the tornado struck. “He was my friend and he didn’t make it. If I would have got back 45 minutes earlier, I probably would have been at the same place. I would have been right there with him,” his friend Brian Erdmann said.

Additionally, there were tornado warnings between 8:06 p.m. and 8:16 p.m. and the tornado struck the building at 8:27 p.m.

“We’re heartbroken over the loss of our teammates there, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones. All of Edwardsville should know that the Amazon team is committed to supporting them and will be by their side through this crisis,” former president and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, wrote in a statement on Twitter.