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Christmas Miracle: Man Survives Getting Hit by a Train

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

A man was granted an unbelievable Christmas miracle that includes continuing to be alive.

Today, December 21, early in the morning, a man was struck by a train in Manhattan. The New York Post reported that the man, currently not identified, was standing on the tracks at around 4:30 a.m. As he was doing so, a train happened to pull in and hit him.

Man in New York Hit by a Train

He was immediately taken to the nearby Bellevue Hospital. When he was first taken, authorities believed that his injuries were life-threatening in nature. Somehow, the man pulled through and he is now in stable condition in the hospital.

It’s almost unheard of to survive getting hit head-on by a train. However, the type of train involved in the collision does make a difference. For example, a New York subway train’s maximum speed is 55 mph. It tends to travel at a lower speed of 30-40 mph when in service. If the train in New York was coming to a stop when approaching the man, it could have been going even closer to 15 mph.

Speed likely played a factor in the man’s now stable condition. Meanwhile, Amtrak trains can travel up to 150 mph and tend to travel at top speeds of 100 mph when in use. This would likely be impossible to survive.

Regardless, the man surviving the train hitting him certainly is some kind of magical miracle. It’s unclear at this time why he was standing on the tracks.

Sadly, yesterday afternoon in Homestead, Pennsylvania, a person died after being hit by a train. “I heard the horns rapidly honking, enough that it was unusual that I looked out the window and saw the train braking,” said John English, a man that lives near the tracks, according to CBS.

Good Deed Right Before Christmas

Meanwhile, a 15-year-old teen that works at McDonald’s is currently being called a hero after a spectacular good deed.

Sydney Raley was working the lunch rush at her store when a woman in the drive-thru she was helping started to choke on a chicken nugget. She jumped through that drive-thru window and started to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her.

She also told the daughter in the car and her manager to call 911. A nearby bystander also helped dislodge the food blocking the woman’s airway. Her quick thinking saved that woman’s life.

“I feel as though, like, I’m actually capable of contributing to society and actually like capable of making a difference,” Raley said, according to WPDE, after the entire incident. The police also gifted her $100 from a fund that goes to people who do good deeds in the community.