Chrysler Aims To Be Fully Electric By 2028

by Shelby Scott

In recent years, climate change has gone from a potential to a real concern. Outsiders globally have finally begun to see the toll our environment’s begun to take due to our warming planet. And as we know, part of the effort to reduce pollution comes in the form of electric vehicles. In recent years, the concept has grown exponentially, with popular American brands like Ford and Chevrolet working to create hybrids and all-electric vehicles of their own. That said, Chrysler has also joined the new endeavor as well, aiming to be fully electric by 2028.

According to ABC News, Chrysler has become the latest automaker to announce its efforts to go completely electric, while some of our favorite American-based brands work on hybrid and electric alternatives. As per the outlet, the decision comes as automakers internationally continue to face pressure to act on climate change.

Wednesday saw Chrysler announce its plans to release its first fully electric vehicle in 2025. The automaker stated the EV will feature a new AI-enabled vehicle system powered by battery. Of the battery itself, Chrysler aims to have vehicles holding a charge for an impressive 350-400 miles.

Further, in a news release, Chrysler brand CEO Chris Feuell said, “Our brand will serve at the forefront as Stellantis transforms to deliver clean mobility and connected customer experiences.”

As a whole, however, the outlet also stated that all top automakers have begun work on electric vehicles of their own. Increased pressure has resulted in a greater concern for climate change as it’s significantly intensified.

One-Third of Ford Pickups to be Electric Vehicles by 2030

As a truck girl myself, I remember gloating about the size of my old F-250 in high school. I used to boast of its 11 miles to the gallon and the $130 it took to fill the tank. However, as we know, those days must come to an end as climate change has become a major problem globally. That said, perhaps my next F-250 will be an all-electric vehicle.

You read that right Outsiders. In the race to combat climate change, beloved truck brand Ford has tossed its hat in the ring. Alongside its gas-powered vehicles, they’ve begun work to create both hybrid and all-electric vehicles. However, known for their F-series trucks, it makes sense they aim to make one-third of their pickups all-electric vehicles by 2030.

In speaking to their all-electric endeavors, Ford executive Lisa Drake stated, “We see a critical mass of battery electric vehicles on the horizon.”

Already, Ford has released its hybrid F-150 Lightning. And as the company makes the green move toward all-electric vehicles, they hope the hybrid truck will continue to dominate the truck market. Prior to its inception, the standard F-150s have dominated for four decades.

Meanwhile, as the automaker works to realize that particular dream, they also plan to double their electric vehicle output by 2024.