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Chuck Norris Sues Company for Allegedly Using Him for Fake Erectile Dysfunction Ads

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Cannon/Getty Images)

Chuck Norris is suing a company that is using his known likeness and image to sell erectile dysfunction pills. The actor claims a company that goes by both Bio-Molecular Solutions and Biogenetics is using him to sell a pill similar to Viagra. TMZ explains Norris is suing over the use of his recognizable face to promote a pill called “Provitra”.

The actor claims that in June, his wife, Gena, discovered the advertisement masked as a headline. “A Tragic End Today for Chuck Norris,” the headline reads. When users click on the article, it opens a page titled “Big Pharma In Outrage Over Norris’ New ED Product…Chuck Kicks Back With This!” The article, which appears on a site that looks like Fox News, claims Norris admitted his need (and subsequent cure) for erectile dysfunction pills on Dr. Phil.

At the bottom of the phony article, a call to action button prompts users to claim a free bottle of erectile dysfunction pills. His wife is also suing the company, as she also appears in one of the images.

The 80-year-old actor is adamant these claims are false, and that he did not give consent for the use of his image in advertising.

This is not the couple’s first time in a corporate lawsuit. Chuck Norris just recently dropped charges against a gadolinium company for “poisoning” his wife after she underwent an MRI. The original complaint was issued in June of 2017, saying his wife felt burning sensations and a foggy mind. Though the couple dropped the lawsuit in January of 2020 without any settlement, Radiology Business reports.

They are now seeking damages for the use of images and asking the company to remove any false representations.