Cinco de Mayo 2021: All the Best Deals, Giveaways and More for May 5th

by Evan Reier

In 2021, Cinco de Mayo has taken on a much wider meaning than it’s origin. While the holiday was originally based on one battle, it is now a celebration of a nation.

Many believe that Cinco de Mayo is the day that Mexico won their “independence” from France. However, that’s not really true. For one, France never ruled Mexico, but instead invaded the Central American country to establish new leadership that worked in their favor.

On top of that, the holiday is the anniversary of a singular battle that took place four years before the conclusion of fighting. The Battle of Puebla was a major victory for the Mexican army, but was more of a symbol of belief and strength, not a war-winning battle.

Now that your history lesson is over, let’s bring it back to 2021. The holiday has evolved in the United States to be a celebration of Mexican culture. Every year, those of Mexican heritage and otherwise celebrate all the incredible aspects of Mexico that have permeated into life.

And with that comes deals, promotions and, typically, events and parties. Sadly, with COVID-19 still very much an aspect of life, the latter is likely going to be hard to find, but folks can still find other options to get in the spirit.

Cinco de Mayo Deals and Offers

Let’s start with the food. Of course, plenty of Mexican-American chains are revving up deals for Cinco de Mayo.

For example, Moe’s Southwestern Grille is offering five times the reward points for customers. So it may not be a deal, but you’re working towards free food at five times the speed.

Elsewhere, fast food chains Del Taco and Taco John’s are getting in on the action. The former is offering a free CrunchTada when customers spend $3 or more on the chain’s app, while the latter is offering five soft tacos for $5.55.

Meanwhile, Chipotle is giving away buy-one-get-one coupons. However, the restaurant’s truly enticing offer is a $500 gift card to the last five people who comment “last” at 5:55 p.m. ET on an Instagram post. Click here to see the post.

As for libations, both Chuy’s and Chili’s have drink deals. Chuy’s legendary tequila floaters are just $1 all day, while Chili’s huge margaritas are just $5.