Country Singer Clayton Gardner Allegedly Coughed on While Playing on Stage, Bizarre Video Shows

by Jacklyn Krol

Country artist Clayton Gardner was holding a show on Friday (July 17) in Las Colinas when someone purposefully coughed on him mid-performance. The incident happens while being live-streamed for the world to see. Gardner shared a video of the moment in question where the fan – not wearing a face mask – grabs him by the bandana to cough on him.

Watch the video, below.

What Clayton Gardner Had to Say

“About fifteen minutes into the show, this random lady walked around all of my gear to sneak up behind me,” he explained. “She made a request for an artist and I asked her to please get away from me several times. She then proceeded to grab me by my bandana and cough on me.”

“I handled it with class and as much patience as I could,” Gardner continued. “I have practiced very safe hygiene and socially distanced myself from the start of COVID to protect my 3-year-old daughter. In a matter of seconds this lady took that away from me.”

“I was honestly shocked and pretty defenseless sitting there holding my guitar,” he added. “The audience was equally as shocked. I would much rather be at home but unfortunately, I have to play some gigs to pay my bills, just like the rest of you. I can’t even do that safely and that’s disgraceful. I choose to take this virus seriously to protect myself and the ones I love. That is my right, and I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks about it.”

“I’m sharing this video so you’ll know there are actually people like this in our world,” he said. “I honestly don’t even know what else to say. I’ll let the video speak for itself.”

The Videos and Response

Finally, after his thread on Twitter, Gardner shared two videos further addressing the situation. He is in quarantine from his 3-year-old daughter since he does not know if the unidentified woman had the coronavirus (COVID-19) or not.

Her Apology

Gardner told his fans on Tuesday (July 21) that the woman has been identified and that he will not reveal her name, although she is clearly visible from the video.

The singer said that she had apologized to him and he has forgiven her for her outlandish actions. He also revealed that he has declined every media opportunity that he has been given regarding the situation.

Gardner also responded to critics that said he was rude to the woman. The closest fan to him was 20-30 feet away due to safety protocol until the woman bypassed numerous objects to gain access to the stage.

At the end of the day, that behavior is unwarranted.